Are you struggling with the ‘How to fix Furbo purple light’ issue? Many pet owners face this common challenge with their Furbo dog camera, a vital tool for keeping an eye on furry friends. The lights on your Furbo device indicate different statuses, so you should have some knowledge regarding what causes the lights to appear. This introduction guides you through effective troubleshooting methods for resolving the purple light problem on your Furbo. We’ll cover essential steps like checking your Wi-Fi connection for 2.4 GHz compatibility, eliminating signal interference, restarting and hard resetting your Furbo, and when to seek customer support. Each solution is designed to ensure your Furbo reconnects smoothly to your network, maintaining that crucial link to your pet when you’re away. So, join this user-friendly guide and get your Furbo back to working perfectly, keeping you connected to your four-legged companion.

Why does Purple Light Appear on Your Furbo?

The purple light can appear on your Furbo device due to network issues like signal disruptions. So, let us explain each cause in detail. 

  1. Wi-Fi Password Verification: If you have typed an incorrect password, the purple light can appear. And also, the network should be 2 GHz as Furbo is incompatible with 5 GHz networks.
  2. Signal Disruption: The presence of electronic devices or obstacles near the Furbo could interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, leading to connection problems.
  3. Initial Setup Error: An incorrect setup of the Furbo might result in connectivity issues, indicated by the purple light.
  4. General Connectivity Troubles: Issues like network downtime, weak Wi-Fi signals, or router malfunctions could hinder connectivity, too.
  5. Incorrect Network Selection: Choosing a different Wi-Fi network during setup can obstruct Furbo’s connection to the desired network.

Why does Purple Light Appear on Your Furbo

  1. Network Detection Failure: Furbo might struggle to locate the Wi-Fi network due to limited signal range or issues with network visibility. When the distance between two devices is too wide, this can happen. 
  2. Weak Wi-Fi Signal: Poor signal strength at the Furbo location may impede effective connection.
  3. Router Issues: A faulty or incorrectly set up Wi-Fi router may block Furbo’s ability to connect

How to Fix Furbo Purple Light?

In order to fix Furbo purple light, you should identify the particular cause and remedy it. According to the problems we discussed above, these are the solutions you can rely on. 

  1. Wi-Fi Connection Verification: Confirm the Wi-Fi password is correct and that you are connecting to a 2.4 GHz network, as Furbo is not compatible with 5 GHz networks.
  2. Eliminate Signal Interference: Remove any nearby electronic devices or obstacles that might be affecting the Wi-Fi signal to the Furbo. And close the devices in order to back up the signal transmission. 
  3. Restart Furbo: Disconnect and reconnect the Furbo to power. Wait for its status light to turn green. Power cycling can help to remove any temporary glitches. 
  4. Hard Reset Furbo: If there is nothing wrong with your Wi-Fi connection, Furbo might have a technical issue. So you can perform a hard reset by pressing its reset button for around 20 seconds. When you see the green light on the device, release the button and wait a few seconds.
  5. Router Reset: In case there is a problem with your router, reset it by pressing the reset button.  
  6. Seek Customer Support: If problems persist, reach out to Furbo’s customer support for additional help. You can get live feedback from their live chat. 
  7. Replace the Device: When the device malfunctions continuously, showing this indicator light, there might be a hardware problem. So, let the dealer know the issue and request a replacement if the device is still under warranty. 

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