It occurs to all Windows users now and then that they cannot switch themes, backgrounds, or perhaps even utilize specific software. You want to access the command line as an administrator today. So you entered something in, and the results were perplexing. The little pop-up informed you that your Windows is in notification mode, something you were unfamiliar with at that point.

So you’re trying to seek a solution, and you’ve come to the correct spot. You’ll learn how to disable Windows’ notification status in this guide. You’ll also learn how to address a similar issue and access a premium feature of Windows.

Read more about Notification status and possible solutions to fix it.

What Exactly Is Notification Status In Windows?

If your Windows edition seems to be in notification status, it is not active. Since the amnesty period is up, you must now reactivate it to access the whole operation. Simultaneously, it implies that it is unable to check your code.

But, it is possible since many items, such as the program you purchased or installed, are not real. Before updating the current version, you might have to install the official Windows version and check it has a legitimate product key.

The activating servers are overburdened with authorization attempts. It is because millions of people use Windows every moment. As a result, there may be a delay in reaching the Windows server to complete your demand.

Let’s go to how to troubleshoot Windows is in notification mode.


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How To Fix Windows is in notification mode

When you see this warning, the first step you should do is verify your license expiry date. Suppose you are unsure if the OS gets once activated.

You may check if your OS is authorized by going to Settings, next to the Update & Security, and confirming for activation in the right panel. You will see this message if you have a valid key: Window gets enabled with a virtual licensing connected to your MS account.

Suppose the window itself is active, but the message remains on display. In that case, it is vital to verify the key’s expiry date since it might expire at any moment on the kind of license bought.

  • Use the window + R key to open the “Run” window. Type winver.exe further into the field and hit Enter.
  • Go through the info in the pop-up window. Suppose it indicates that your licensing has ended or will expire within the next several days. In that case, you should upgrade your key by visiting another page on our website using the link above.

Note: If you are utilizing the accessible version of the software and cannot reactivate it, you need to use one of the ways listed below to discover a fix. We’ll also tell you about a technique for individuals whose product key has ended so that you may go straight to Solution 2.

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Extend The Trial Period

The developers enable you to prolong the trial edition of Windows 2 – 3 times without any limitations. It gets accomplished via the use of a prompt command, which gets initiated as follows:

  • Go to “Menu” and execute “Command prompt” as admin.
  • Enter slmgr -rearm and validate the command.
  • A message indicating that it gets successfully performed will show on display. To make the modifications take full action, restart the computer system.

Enter the product key again

Sometimes manually inputting a previously utilized key solves the issue. It is because the OS sometimes fails, and the key gets erased. If you get the same code, the scenario is not too tough to resolve.

  • Navigate to the app. Select “Options” and then “Update and security.”
  • “Activation” is the part that concerns you.
  • Select “Change Product Key” from the display window.
  • Re-enter it and verify authorization. If the completion notice appears, restart the system and verify the Windows state.

Disable the Activation and Update Services

This solution does not cure the issue of Windows is in notification mode; instead, it helps you avoid some of the negative repercussions of continually showing different messages on the screen. Utilize it if you don’t need to register Windows right now or are unable to do for many other circumstances.

  • Utilize search to locate and launch the application “Services.”
  • Locate the “Windows License Manager Service” and open it twice by pressing the mouse button.
  • Select “Manual” as the starting type and halt service operation.
  • Return to the initial screen, look for “Windows Update Center,” and click on the service’s settings.
  • Repeat the process by halting the operation and selecting the manual start.

What Is The Duration Of Windows Is In Notification Status?

You can use it for a month without an issue if you recently installed a window. The Windows limits will not trouble you for the first month. However, the limitations will continue to harm your PC until you fully register Windows.

If you do not activate Windows correctly, your system will show a notification state. And it will display the “Windows isn’t authorized, Active Windows immediately” message in the Configurations.

Simultaneously, you will face various limitations, such as not modifying the background, themes, or highlight colors, being unable to lock the device, and some programs ceasing to function.

Quick Tip: Even though the activate Windows mark is obnoxious, you should put it up until you have a legal license. If you go around it, check out this KMSpico Activator. Using it will get you full access to window’s advanced features.

Bottom Line

You can attempt any of the ways listed if your Windows shows a warning status. They will assist you in the short term while you seek a long-term alternative, which is purchasing a genuine activation code. If you can’t locate anything online, go to your local PC store, and they’ll help you out.


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