Your front display of the Apple iPhone or iPad may now be customized in a wide variety of ways. An app icon may be easily copied in order to create a clone. The topic—”How to duplicate apps on iPhone?”—is what we’ll be talking about today.


The smartphone’s central hub is the App, which allows you to download a variety of tools including apps, including social networking, games, and efficiency and convenience programs. Without applications, owning an iPhone serves no use at all because there is nothing you can do with it.

It’s easy to update the iPhone with the newest applications by downloading them from the App Store of Apple. However, an iPhone is useless without applications, let’s face it. Additionally, specific programs are so crucial that you could require upwards of one.

For keeping everything organized and in one location, often more than one App is needed. To divide their individual and professional lives on social networking applications, people typically set up two profiles.

Most individuals make the mistake of carrying out work-related tasks using their accounts instead of their work accounts, and vice versa. And one plain error might get you into serious trouble. Because of this, you are now searching for “How to duplicate apps on iPhone?”

What does Apple Mean When It Duplicates Apps?

In recent times, Apple has significantly altered the Home Page with the inclusion of apps as well as the App Store. You might not have noticed, but it’s now able to add numerous instances of a single application on the Main Screen on any iOS device.

Along with App store, it’s not always feasible to make a replica or clone of such an app for the iPhone.


Using Apple’s Focus function, you may display or conceal several Home Screens depending on the task you’re attempting to concentrate on at any given moment. When you don’t need an app, you may hide the portion of your Main Screen that is linked to your job.

This is why Apple gave customers the option to make duplicate program icons. So that you have constant access to the same applications, even whether you display or hide specific screens based on chosen Focus mode, you may now say the same applications across several Home Pages.

By doing this, you may prevent having to sign out of each account and, afterward, sign back in using a new ID. As an alternative, you will be constantly signed in to many profiles within the same platform for social media in addition to other sites.

How to Duplicate Apps on iPhone?

Making use of the App Library is such an approach to achieve this. You may move an app that is already installed on the start screen by going to the Application Store, finding it there, and long-pressing to drag it in.

Your current icon won’t be deleted if you later add it to the main screen. Repeating the drag as well as drop operation will provide an infinite number of identical app icons that may be added to other start screens or even more than once on a single Main Screen.

Similar Shortcuts

Making a fast duplicate of a shortcut will allow you to build a new path off of a current one.

– Select Edit inside the Shortcuts application of any apple gadget.

– When you’ve selected one or maybe more icons, a tick will appear in the top-right area.

– Then choose Duplicate.

– The specified shortcut is duplicated.

It should be noted that new bookmarks are indeed loaded to other gadgets when you are logged in along with the Apple Account. A shortcut may be instantly duplicated by touching and holding it, then selecting Duplicate.

How to Duplicate Apps on iPhone? Alternatives

Dual Space Social Manager

For users with several online profiles, Dual Space Social Manager seems to be the ideal program. It has password locks and provides the highest level of protection for your copied programs.

– Install the App.

– Register for a profile on the App.

– You may add as many social network profiles as you like on the main website.

– Provide the application permission to access specific social networking sites by logging in.

– The official website lets you choose which profile on social media you will communicate with.

Parallel Space

You can duplicate multiple iPhone apps using parallel space. The Parallel Space application’s user-friendly interface is its finest feature, making it easy for novices to use this program.

– Install the App.

– Register for a profile on the App.

– You may add as many social network profiles as you like on the main page.

– Use the application to connect to specific services and provide access to as numerous identities as you need.

– The main screen allows you to choose the application or login you wish to use.

Dual Accounts Multi Space App

A less complex yet more affordable alternative to Parallel Space is Dual Accounts Multi Space. Dual Accounts Multi Space App will be the better option if money is tight because they are both priced differently. This program for duplicating iPhone apps may be used by even beginner users.

– Install the App.

– Register for a profile on the App.

– Give the account a password.

– Put the applications on that home screen that you desire.

– Allow access by logging into another account via the App.

– Using your applications, you may transfer whatever documents you wish.

Multi Social

Multi Social Cloner would be another rival to the iPhone’s online social software duplicator. You are not subject to any restrictions, and you are free to establish as many identities as you choose. A top-notch UX design complements the simple user interface. Due to its extremely fast cloning rate, Multi Social is noteworthy.

– Install the App.

– Register for a profile on the App.

– You may add as many social network profiles as you like to that home page.

– Join those social networking sites through the application by logging in and granting access to as numerous identities as you need.

– The home page lets you choose which profile on social media you will communicate with.

Finishing up

A single program may be kept in several copies with the use of iPhone duplicated application cloners. One can manage several accounts simultaneously with numerous documents while remaining logged in.

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