Do Sim Cards Go Bad Or Do They Expire? Read Here

do sim cards go bad

Sim card innovation is well-established and offers long-term reliability. But do sim cards go bad?

Quick Response.

Do sim cards go bad? Your SIM card might malfunction; that much is true. Consequently, a SIM card may become worn out based on how effectively you utilize it. SIM cards seldom become invalid. They have an endless lifespan. A SIM card might malfunction when it is not correctly cared for.


The technological components known as SIM cards enable the identification and authentication of mobile device owners. SIM cards are increasingly inexpensive and compact.

Since around three to four decades ago, they have been around. They arrived soon after cell phones were created and took the role of landlines. They have a small, getting smaller over time, selling point. Do sim cards go bad? Learn more.

Do Sim Cards Go Bad?

When a SIM card is subjected to several corrosion-causing substances, it may become faulty. Sim cards could become worn out with use and time, but they can also have defects.

When the phone has never experienced signal as well as coverage troubles, it’s possible that a damaged sim card would be to blame. As a result, you should replace the sim card as soon as possible to prevent further harm.

How Can A Sim Card Go Bad?

The fact that a tangible SIM card is actual is its main drawback. The revealed connections on a hardware SIM are what are transferred from one gadget to some other.

There is always a chance that they will snap, bend, scratch, or shatter if moved or kept carelessly. Additionally, there is a chance that the card will degrade with time and lose functionality. There are plenty of additional methods for the sim card to malfunction more than this one.

Sim Card degradation is brought on by liquid damage

Taking any SIM card-enabled gadget wet, whether immersed in liquid or splashed with liquid from a spray, is such a scenario. Corrosion and water damage are two of the most typical reasons why a hardware SIM would cease operating.

The actual SIM might stop operating for no apparent reason, such as exposure to too much water, excessive spray, splashing, or submersion. If spilled hot or caustic substances make it through the SIM tray, it might also harm SIM functionality. When this happens, the phone frequently shorts out and becomes unusable.

A Sim Card that has been harmed by heat

It’s critical to remember that, over time, phone harm from extreme heat may also harm the card’s connections. On hot days, placing a phone next to a window or an air conditioner vent might create enough internal temperature to damage the SIM card. A damaged SIM card might arise from corrosion brought on by the high temperature.

Unknown circumstances leading to a Sim Card turning bad

There are occasions when we don’t have any explanation for what happened other than the fact that the sim card had a problem. There can also be problems with the supplier. Also, there is a chance that every card that is mailed or obtained may be defective.

Sim Card degradation is brought on by the operator

There are occasions when carriers will put a limit on what customers may do using the SIM Cards or even forbid the simultaneous usage of several phone numbers.

What Signs Indicate A Faulty SIM Card?

Difficulties with memory access, internet connectivity, dropped calls, and unexpected flight modes are typical problems that might point to a malfunctioning SIM card. Investing in a SIM card reader is wise because these tools contain specific diagnostic technology that may assist you in resolving issues. The main signs of a faulty sim card are listed below.

1. Sim card not present

If the SIM card is defective, the phone won’t show any SIM cards installed. This warning message frequently indicates that now the SIM socket isn’t recognizing the SIM card, but not that the card itself is defective.

2. Network not found

Zero networks identified, distinct from having no sim card, is another sign of a malfunctioning sim card. Your SIM port, in this instance, recognized the SIM card, yet nothing is functional. While you might initially believe that there is a technical problem, the sim card generally seems to blame.

3. The phone is entering flight mode

One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning SIM card is an automatic offline phone option. Your sim card seems to be the source of the issue if you discover that the smartphone randomly entered airplane mode. Numerous examples have been recorded, and after a fair investigation, it was found that the sim card—not the sim slot—was to blame for the issue.

4. The SIM card connections only display a mobile number

Although it does occur, this sign of a malfunctioning sim card is relatively uncommon. In this situation, your contact information will show contact information rather than the names you stored them with.

5. An unprepared SIM card

Most often, a broken SIM chip is the blame for this mistake of a sim card is not prepared. Sim cards being entirely unprepared will start to occur if the sim chip is severely flawed or destroyed.

6. Call termination

Users rarely know if you’ll think the call-dropping issue was brought about by your network operator when it was a sign of a defective sim card. Call-dropping is among the symptoms of a damaged sim card. It was brought on by your broken or defective sim card.

Do SIM Cards Expire?

The majority of SIM cards lack any form of expiry date or time during which they will remain inactive. Nevertheless, many are designed to survive a limited amount of network connections, and producers might not have evaluated the SIM card’s durability after that.

In summary, you should change the SIM card whenever modern tech is released or when it stops working. But keep in mind that when the SIM card isn’t being utilized, or the services aren’t being provided, then the mobile operator could disable it.

Typically, this time frame ranges from six months to two years. In the end, operators want to release contact information that is not actively still being used so that it may be redistributed to other consumers.



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