Does Furbo Require a Subscription? (Features & Requirements)

does furbo require a subscription

Selecting your right pet camera involves considering various factors, including the key question: ‘Does Furbo require a subscription?’ Starting with an overview, we confirm your basic functionalities of Furbo which are available without a subscription. We then delve into your benefits of opting for a Furbo subscription, highlighting your enhanced features and added convenience it provides. This guide is designed to give pet owners among you a thorough understanding of Furbo’s services, aiding you to make an informed decision about your pet monitor.

Does Furbo Require a Subscription?

Furbo does not require you to have a subscription for using the basic functionality, but offers you additional features when you want to take up subscription service. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Basic Functionality Without Subscription: Without having a subscription you can access live video streaming, receive bark alerts, and talk to your pets using the two-way audio feature. Such functions are available right out of your box.
  2. Furbo Dog Nanny Subscription: If you would like to have an enhanced functionality, Furbo offers you a subscription service called ‘Furbo Dog Nanny’. This premium service includes your additional features such as having a cloud recording of videos, dog activity alerts, person alerts, along with home emergency alerts.
  3. Smart Alerts with Subscription: The subscription enables you to have smart alerts for your activities like your dog moving around, a person entering your view, and specific sounds such as a smoke alarm going off in your home.
  4. Video History: Using your subscription, you can access all your recorded video history, which allows you to review all your past footage, an essential feature for which will help you monitor your pets’ activities over time.
  5. Trial Period: Furbo often provides you a free trial of your Dog Nanny service with the purchase of your camera, giving you an opportunity to experience your full range of features before you start deciding on your subscription.

While Furbo offers you basic monitoring features without having an subscription, the Dog Nanny service provides you a more comprehensive pet monitoring experience for any of your additional fee.

What Are the Benefits of a Furbo Subscription?

The Furbo subscription, known as your ‘Furbo Dog Nanny,’ enhances your capabilities of having an Furbo camera with several premium features. Here are your key benefits of subscribing:

  1. Cloud-Based Video Storage: The subscription provides you cloud storage when you are recording and saving videos. This allows you to access your footage of their pet’s activities throughout your day, which would be invaluable for monitoring your behavior or security purposes.
  2. Smart Alerts: Subscribers would receive smart alerts for all your various activities. These include having bark alerts, which notify you when your dog is barking; dog activity alerts are also useful when your pet is moving around; and person alerts, to inform you if someone enters your camera’s field of view.
  3. Real-Time Smart Alerts: The service offers you real-time smart alerts for all your events like your dog moving, barking, or a person coming into your view. These alerts are more sophisticated than your basic motion alerts and can help you to distinguish between your routine movements and something that might require your attention.
  4. Emergency Alerts: Your system can alert you to safety-related events in your home, such as your carbon monoxide or smoke alarm going off.
  5. Dog Selfie Alerts: Furbo Dog Nanny can capture your ‘selfie’ photos of your dog when it faces all your camera, your delightful feature for pet owners.
  6. Activity Timeline: You can view your timeline of their dog’s activities, helping you to keep track of your pet’s daily routine and well-being.

These enhanced features make your Furbo subscription beneficial for you who want to have a more comprehensive view of your pet’s safety, security, and daily activities.

Comparing Furbo’s Subscription Plans

Furbo offers you to have different subscription plans for your ‘Furbo Dog Nanny’ service, each designed to cater all your to varying needs and preferences. Here’s your comparison of our plans:

  1. Basic Plan: This plan is essentially your non-subscription option. It includes you to have a live streaming, bark alerts, and two-way audio but lacks your advanced features of your paid plans.
  2. Furbo Dog Nanny (Monthly Subscription): This plan offers you all the advanced features including your cloud recording, smart alerts (starting from your barking, movement, till your person detection), doggie diary (a summary of your dog’s day), and real-time event-based on your cloud recording.
  3. Furbo Dog Nanny (Annual Subscription): This option provides you the same features as your monthly subscription but often having your reduced overall annual cost. It’s ideal for you to stay committed for a long-term monitoring of your pets.
  4. Special Features: All of our paid subscriptions offer you to have additional features like your emergency alerts, dog selfies, and an activity timeline, which are not available in your basic non-subscription package.
  5. Pricing Variations: The cost of your monthly and annual plans can vary depending on your promotional offers and regional pricing strategies.

When choosing your subscription, consider factors like how often you’re away from your pet, your budget, and your desire for detailed monitoring and alerts. Furbo’s various plans offer you a flexibility to suit all your different pet monitoring needs.

How to Manage or Cancel a Furbo Subscription

How to Manage or Cancel a Furbo Subscription?

Managing or canceling your Furbo subscription is straightforward, allowing you to have a flexibility with your service. Here are our steps for you to manage or cancel your Furbo Dog Nanny subscription:

  1. Accessing Your Account: Log into your Furbo account either through your Furbo app or your website. Your account details will provide you options for your subscription management.
  2. Reviewing Subscription Details: In your account settings, you can review all the details of your current subscription, including all the plan type, billing cycle, and renewal date.
  3. Modifying Your Subscription: If you wish to change your subscription plan, such as switching from a monthly to an annual plan, you can usually do so using your account settings. Any changes you make will be reflected in your next billing cycle.
  4. Canceling Your Subscription: To cancel your subscription, navigate to your subscription section in your account settings. Look for all your option to cancel or end your subscription. Follow your prompts to confirm cancellation.
  5. Understanding the Cancellation Policy: Be aware of your Furbo’s cancellation policy, including any of your terms regarding refunds or service continuation until your end of your billing period.
  6. Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, Furbo’s customer support can provide you the required assistance. They can help you with troubleshooting problems or processing all your cancellations if you’re unable to do so through your account settings.

Remember this: canceling your subscription will revert all your Furbo camera to its basic functionality, losing access to your additional features provided by your Dog Nanny service.

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