How to Delete Multiple Videos on Furbo? Efficient Video Maintenance!

how to delete multiple videos on furbo

Mastering ‘How to delete multiple videos on Furbo’ is simpler than you think, as the Furbo system is user-friendly. This guide will walk you through the quick process of managing your Furbo app’s cloud recordings, especially if you do not want to keep them for so long. Learn to navigate the app’s interface with ease, select and delete unwanted videos, and troubleshoot common issues like unresponsive Daily Diaries or non-generating clips. Whether you’re decluttering your video library or making space for new recordings, our guide ensures a hassle-free process, keeping you connected to your pet’s precious moments.

How to Delete Multiple Videos on Furbo?

To delete videos on your Furbo, you should go to the category of cloud recording videos. Let’s see how you can access it. 

  1. First, open the Furbo app and navigate to the home screen. 
  2. Secondly, choose the category of cloud recording videos you want to view (options include All, Barking/Meowing, Pet Activity, Person, Selfie, Emergency). 
  3. Next, browse through and select the videos you intend to delete. Click on the three-dot icon () on the chosen video. 
  4. Then, a prompt will emerge, where you should tap “DELETE” to erase that particular cloud recording successfully.

Remember that these steps lead to a permanent deletion. There is no way to recover your deleted videos. Thus, if you want to save a video, consider downloading it. 

Where are Furbo Videos Stored?

Furbo videos are stored in your Cloud Recording. Furbo’s intelligent pet technology captures 15-second video segments of significant pet activities.

These clips remain accessible in your app for a period of 24 hours, offering the option to either download them to your phone or remove them manually from the app.

If you want to download videos from the cloud, you need to do it within 24 hours since the videos are deleted after one day. 

How to View Your Furbo Cloud Recording Clips?

There is an easy, straightforward way to view your Furbo cloud recording clips.

  1. First, navigate to the home screen of your Furbo app and select the category of cloud recording videos you’re interested in viewing (options include ‘For you, All, Barking/Meowing, Activity, Person, Selfie, Emergency, Possible Vomit Alerts’). 
  2. Then, find and tap the “PLAY” icon () on the video you want to watch within the app.

Please be aware that the availability of cloud-recording videos might differ based on your device type. 

How to Use Furbo 'Daily Diary' to Check History

How to Use Furbo ‘Daily Diary’ to Check History?

You can use Furbo Daily Diary video clips in the app to check the history for up to 7 days.

The Daily Diary feature compiles a time-lapse video clip, ranging from 5 seconds to 1 minute, showcasing your pet’s daily activities.

This is created using highlights from your Cloud Recording clips captured between 7 AM and 7 PM, requiring at least two pet-related videos.

It is possible to access the Daily Diary after 9 PM. But remember to download these clips within this timeframe to prevent automatic deletion.

To view your Daily Diary in the Furbo app, there are only two simple steps. 

  1. Open the Furbo app, and on the home screen, select the “Joy’s / Pet” icon located at the bottom.
  2. Then, choose any date you want to review your Daily Diary for.

Please note: It’s essential to have a minimum of two Cloud Recording clips recorded between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM for the Daily Diary to be created.

If you encounter any issues with the Daily Diary not generating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Furbo support team for assistance.

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