How to Share Furbo with Family? (Step-by-Step Guide)

how to share furbo with family

Your family members might also miss your furry buddy when they are not at home. So, is there a way to share Furbo with family? Yes! Today, you will be able to find out the procedure to share your Furbo account with others. Moreover, we will be talking about some other important aspects, such as Performance Issues When Using Furbo on Multiple Devices, in this blog post. Hence, let us navigate you through this journey where Furbo technology meets family bonds!

Can Multiple Phones Connect to Furbo?

Yes, multiple phones can connect to a single Furbo account. Smartphones logging into your Furbo account have no set limit, but simultaneous live streaming is restricted to two people. While an unlimited number of users can access the app and view recorded videos at any time, live streaming is limited to ensure optimal performance.

These are the capabilities that all users can access from one Furbo account. 

  1. Viewing saved photos and videos.
  2. Utilizing the treat tossing feature.
  3. Accessing activity, barking, and person alerts.
  4. Receiving notifications.

How to Share Furbo with Family?

In order to share Furbo with your family, adhere to this procedure. 

  1. When creating a Furbo account, ensure you have access to a valid email address.
  2. On the Furbo login page, select “New Furbo User.”
  3. Then, input your preferred email and password, then tap “Sign Up” to complete the process. 
  4. After creating your account, follow the instructions to set up your new Furbo. For more details, visit: “Set Up New Furbo.”
  5. To grant access to your Furbo account to family and friends, share the correct login credentials with them. 

Please note that for privacy reasons, Furbo corresponds to only one set of email/account and password.

While there’s no restriction on the number of smartphones that can log in using your Furbo account, only two devices can live-stream simultaneously.

After establishing the primary account and connecting the camera, additional individuals can be added to the account without requiring them to create separate logins or passwords. Simply share your Furbo account’s email and password with them. 

Then, they can follow these steps and log in to Furbo. 

  1. Download the Furbo app.
  2. On the login page, choose “Already have an account? Sign In.”
  3. Finally, tap “Sign In” and enter the email and password. 

How Can You Tell If Someone is Watching Furbo?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if someone is watching Furbo at the moment.

As we already mentioned, while multiple individuals can access your Furbo account, only two can simultaneously view the live stream.

The app doesn’t provide information on whether another user is currently viewing the live stream, making it challenging to determine the number of concurrent users. But if you’re in proximity to the camera at home, the blue camera light will indicate if someone is actively using the live stream.

Moreover, if you encounter issues with the live stream, it’s reasonable to assume that two users are already watching Furbo.

Consider reaching out to those with account access and inquire if they are currently using the live stream.

If you are in a hurry, you can request them to disconnect temporarily to allow you to check on the dog. 

Performance Issues When Using Furbo on Multiple Devices

Performance Issues When Using Furbo on Multiple Devices

Let’s discuss some performance issues you may encounter when using Furbo on multiple devices. 

  1. Slow Connection: Using Furbo on multiple devices can lead to challenges such as slower streaming and delayed notifications. This occurs due to the competition for bandwidth and resources among connected devices. To address this, it’s advisable to limit the number of devices connected to Furbo simultaneously. This approach reduces resource competition, enhancing overall performance.
  2. Unstable Connection: Connectivity problems are another concern when numerous devices access Furbo concurrently. Maintaining a stable connection becomes challenging, leading to issues like dropped connections or difficulty accessing the camera feed. System crashes may also occur. To mitigate these problems, optimizing your home network is essential. Consider upgrading your internet plan or investing in a robust router capable of handling multiple devices.

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