Does Furbo have a Free Trial? Exploring the Furbo!

Does Furbo have a Free Trial

If you worry about your pet when you are not at home, Furbo would be the ideal solution to check your loving friend’s status and reward him with his favorite treats. But the question is whether Furbo is a free or paid service. Both options are available to choose from according to your preference and budget. Most importantly, Furbo has a free trial, so you can experience the Furbo convenience utilizing some advanced features. Let’s see how you can activate this free trial and make the most of it! 

Does Furbo have a Free Trial?

Yes, Furbo has a free trial; every newly purchased Furbo Camera includes a complimentary 30-day trial of Furbo Nanny. There’s no need to input your credit card information for the free trial, and you can cancel it anytime without incurring any fees. 

It is possible to activate up to 4 Furbos under one account, allowing you to enjoy a total of 120 days of free trial (30 days for each newly activated Furbo Camera).

In addition to the fundamental features of the Furbo Camera, Furbo Nanny provides extra functionalities such as Smart Alerts, Cloud Recording videos, and Daily Diary. 

Once the trial period concludes, you’ll receive a prompt to subscribe if you wish to continue using the Furbo Nanny service.

If you are not interested in subscribing, there is no problem; you can still get the benefits of the Furbo free package. 

For those who are willing to activate a free trial for Standalone Furbo, there are some important considerations.

This option is exclusively applicable to Furbos acquired from AUGUST 2017 onward. And it is vital to ensure that both Furbo’s firmware and Furbo app version are current.

Additionally, you should verify that the device you are using is configured for the supported regions.

Refer to “Countries supported by FDN” for additional information on the supported regions.

How to Activate Furbo Free Trial? 

There are three ways to activate the Furbo free trial. Let us explain each procedure to you.

  1. Through a pop-up message: After successfully activating your Furbo for the first time, a pop-up message will prompt you to activate your free trial. The message will display the available days for the trial, and you can choose to commence the trial by tapping “Try 60 days for free” (subject to change based on your account’s free trial offer) or delay activation by tapping “No, thanks.”
  2. Via the Furbo App home page: Navigate to the home screen of your Furbo app and select the Furbo Nanny Icon to activate the free trial. 
  3. Through the Furbo App menu: Alternatively, access the menu in the app by tapping on the menu button”” located in the lower right corner of the screen. From there, select “Try 60 days free” under the subscription options.

Can I Use Furbo without a Subscription

Can I Use Furbo without a Subscription?

Yes, of course, you can use Furbo without a subscription. The essential features like barking/meowing alerts, treat-tossing, and live-view camera functionality are accessible at no cost.

Nevertheless, certain features, such as motion-triggered video recordings, person alerts, and activity alerts, do require a subscription.

Furbo Dog Nanny is a paid service, but it is optional, and you can still enjoy Furbo’s original features without committing to a subscription.

Each Furbo Dog Camera is equipped with a complimentary Furbo Dog Nanny trial for customers in specific countries, allowing you to explore the service before making a subscription decision.

After the trial period, you’ll receive a prompt for payment to continue using Furbo Dog Nanny.

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