One of the apparent benefits of the Christmas season is the abundance of gift cards. Gift cards in credit cards are multifunctional and straightforward to use, but they are not without flaws. Some places, such as the majority of eBay, prefer PayPal payment. While you may be able to convince some PayPal vendors to utilize the gift card account number rather than making you make a Paypal transfer. So you might be thinking about how to add gift card to PayPal? Keep on reading to know all about gift cards or PayPal.

What is a PayPal Gift Card?

Gift cards are technically prepaid payment cards with a specific monetary value. It often gets provided by retail establishments, mainly shops or banks, to be used to purchase items at a particular store or related companies. The card can get used in place of cash. Instead of giving someone large sums of money to buy things at a specific business, you may provide them with a gift card.

Because it gets made of plastic, a gift card mimics a bank card. Specific numbers identify the cards. Because most do not relate to a particular individual, anybody can use it. Certain gift cards are only good for one-time purchases, while others may get reloaded.

When you purchase items with you, the merchants employ an online electronic system for authorization to deduct the amount you paid while shopping. A serial number or magnetic stripe are examples of these.

Though some gift cards may only get used at specific locations, bank cards can get used at any retailer that accepts them. The card’s value gets saved in the issuer’s database, as well as the card contains information about the accumulated funds.

What Gift Card Is Used For On PayPal?

Banks provide two types of gift cards: open-loop and closed-loop gift cards. The first get issued by financial institutions and may be used to purchase items at any location that accepts the cards. The second would only get used with one merchant. You may, for example, have a gift card that can only get redeemed at Walmart or Amazon.

PayPal gift cards may get used at over 1000 online businesses to purchase goods, services, restaurants, plane tickets, and hotel accommodations. Prepaid cards from PayPal may get used for almost anything. Only one action is not possible: getting cash with a PayPal card. If you’re new to using gift cards to shop, here’s how it works.

  • Purchase a gift card from such a retailer or utilize one received from a friend or family member.
  • In-store or online, add the necessary products to your shopping basket.
  • Hand the gift card to the teller and wait for the electronic system to scan it.

How To Add Gift Card To PayPal?

So how to add gift card to PayPal? Follow the steps below:

  • On a desktop computer, access your PayPal Wallet.
  • “Connect a debit or credit card” will appear.
  • Select “Link a card manually” if you want to link a card manually rather than via a bank.
  • Insert the gift card details.
  • Select “Link Card.”

Since gift cards lack personal information, unlike regularly issued credit cards, you may see an error while attempting to connect a gift card to the PayPal account as a payment option

If this is the case for how to add gift card to PayPal, register the gift card; there should be instructions on the card leading you to the registration site. Non-credit card gift cards can also be exchanged for cash in your PayPal account in other ways. Nonetheless, the procedure is expensive, costing at least 10% of the gift card’s value.

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How To Exchange Gift Card For Paypal Balance

Surprisingly, you may redeem the gift card for a Paypal account. If you acquire a card that you do not require, you cannot just discard it; instead, you must convert it to cash for other purposes. CardCash allows you to recycle outdated cards for money in your PayPal balance. To complete the procedure, follow the steps below.

  • Go to CardCash.
  • Fill in the name of the merchant and the amount on your gift card.
  • Select GET OFFER, then wait for an offer to become accessible for the card. The balance of PayPal balance you may swap for the gift card will get displayed on the screen.
  • Accept or decline the offer. Click Continue if you accept the request.
  • Enter the gift card details and PIN.
  • Click Make a connection with PayPal.
  • Log in to the PayPal account and complete the necessary details.
  • Click Retrieve my PayPal balance.
  • After finishing the transaction, the cash will be available in Paypal within one business day. The money may subsequently be used for online orders or transferred to the bank account.

How To Send A PayPal Gift Card To Your Bank Account

You may transfer the gift card amount to the bank and spend the money to purchase wherever you like. This procedure, however, will necessitate the use of a third-party program. In this scenario, we propose Square.

  • Call the number provided to reload the gift card or use the pre-loaded card.
  • Log in to your Square account.
  • Visit Square Settings and select the option to link your bank to an app by entering the bank details and other essential information.
  • Then, on the Square App, input the gift card information. You can also use the Square card reader* if you like.
  • Allow Square to accept the credit card.

Within 24 hours, the amount you entered will be taken from the gift card and paid into your bank account. Funds may be sent instantaneously from a gift card to a bank account.

Final Thought

When you don’t want to carry cash, gift cards are helpful. It is much handier when you can start sharing the cash with other applications, including PayPal, and utilize the money anywhere at the store of your choice.


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