Furbo Treat Dispenser Not Working – (Troubleshooting Guide)

furbo treat dispenser not working

The Furbo treat dispenser is one of the cool features of the Furbo dog camera. It allows you to reward your pet friend with their favorite treats even though you are not at home. However, sometimes, this Furbo treat dispenser can malfunction, especially when the treats are jammed. If you also search for some workarounds for this problem, this discussion will be really beneficial to you. In fact, this issue can be a result of your unawareness of choosing the right type of treat. If you stay till the end, you will be able to find the best treats for Furbo as well. So, let’s get started! 

Why is Furbo Treat Dispenser Not Working?

If your Furbo treat dispenser isn’t working, various factors could be causing the problem. Explore these potential issues and recognize the specific one related to your Furbo camera. 

  1. Treats Jammed: Treats might be stuck, leading to incomplete or no tossing. In case you have put larger or irregular-shaped treats, this can happen. 
  2. Incomplete Treat Tossing Cycle: The treat tosser may not be finishing its cycle. Then, it will not work further. 
  3. Hardware Problems: Sometimes, there might be hardware issues. In such cases, you have to contact Furbo customer support for further assistance.
  4. Neglected Maintenance: Proper device maintenance can resolve some issues. Since Furbo holds treats, there can be food particles, so it is essential to clean the device periodically. 
  5. Network Connection: In case there are glitches in your network connection, Furbo will not respond to you. 

How to Fix Furbo Treat Dispenser Not Working? 

In order to fix your Furbo treat dispenser, you have to maintain its cleanliness. Check the complete guide below to make your treat dispenser functional. 

  • Check for treat jams: It is advisable to check for jammed treats first if the dispenser malfunctions. Here is how you can do it. 
  1. Remove all treats and clear any remaining crumbs. 
  2. Then, vigorously shake your Furbo to free any stuck treats. 
  3. Release treats from the treat dispensing hole. 
  4. If the issue persists, use a pen to dislodge jammed treats within the inner launcher and guide them into the tunnel.
  • Restart the Furbo: Sometimes, restarting will help to clear any technical glitches in the Furbo camera. These are the steps to follow for restarting. 
  1. Disconnect your Furbo for 20 seconds, then reconnect it. 
  2. Then, attempt to toss a treat. 
  3. If this fails to reset the treat tossing cycle, inspect for treats or crumbs obstructing the mechanism by removing the bottom cover of your Furbo and gently shaking it.
  • Inspect the launchers: Examine both the inner and outer launchers for any issues that may hinder treat tossing.
  • Reset Furbo: Ensure it’s free from obstructions. Use a paperclip to reset the Furbo, wipe settings, and test the treat-tossing feature.
  • Try firmer treats: Experiment with using firmer treats, as the type of treats can impact dispenser performance.
  • Contact customer support: If the above steps don’t work, reach out to Furbo customer support for further assistance. They will assist you by providing specific guidelines.

What Kind of Treats are Suitable for Furbo

What Kind of Treats are Suitable for Furbo? 

Round and firm treats are the most suitable for Furbo. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, optimal treats for use with Furbo are dry, firm, and approximately 0.5 inches in size. 

These treats should neither be excessively crumbly nor overly sticky/wet, and their size should be smaller than the dispenser opening. 

Examples of treats reported to be compatible with Furbo include Zesty Paws Training Bites for Dogs, Bocce’s Bakery Crispies Dog Treats, Plato Small Bites, Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats, Nutro Mini Bites, Bil-Jac Grain-Free Soft Training Treats, Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini, and Zukes Mini Naturals.

Nonetheless, as long as the treats are small, under an inch in size, and not prone to easy crumbling or excessive moisture, they can be utilized with Furbo.

It’s essential to recognize that individual canine preferences may vary, so experimenting with different treats is advisable to determine what suits your dog best.

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