Maximizing all your benefits of your Furbo pet camera while ensuring if you have all the personal privacy focuses on the pivotal question: ‘Can you turn off Furbo when home?’ We begin this exclusive by confirming that your Furbo can indeed be turned off, providing you both privacy and energy conservation. We will also provide you a step-by-step guide on how you could possibly turn off your Furbo’s camera and all its features, while ensuring to easily manage all your devices according to your presence at home. No matter if you’re a new Furbo user or simply looking to optimize your existing device, this guide equips you with all your necessary information to control your pet camera in your way that suits your lifestyle and privacy needs.

Can You Turn Off Furbo When Home?

Yes, you can turn off your Furbo camera when you’re home to ensure that your privacy and save energy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Manual Shutdown: You can manually turn off your Furbo. This can be done either by unplugging your device or using your app to turn off all your camera. When your camera is off, it stops recording and stops sending you notifications.
  2. Using the App: The Furbo app offers you an option to disable all your cameras. This can be accessed using your settings, allowing you to turn your camera and all other features off when you’re home.
  3. Scheduled Hours: Some models or app versions may allow you to set your scheduled hours. Which means that you can program your Furbo to turn off automatically during your pre-settled hours you’re usually home and reactivate it when you’re away.
  4. Privacy Mode: Furbo’s Privacy Mode can be activated using your app. This mode ensures that your camera is turned off, providing you peace of mind when your privacy is a concern.
  5. Benefits: Turning off your Furbo when home can be beneficial for your privacy reasons. It also extends your device’s lifespan and saves power.
  6. Notifications: Remember, when your Furbo is turned off, you won’t receive any alerts or have the ability to check on your home or pet remotely until you have it reactivated.

When your Furbo’s flexibility is turned off, it provides you with control over your home security and privacy.

How to Turn Off Furbo’s Camera and Features?

Turning off any Furbo’s camera and features would be a simple process, manageable through your Furbo app. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Access Your Furbo App: Open your Furbo app on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure that you’re logged in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Settings: In your app, find the menu or settings icon. This is typically located in your top corner of your screen.
  3. Locate the Camera Settings: Within your settings menu, look for all your options related to your camera or device settings. This is where you can control all your operational features of your Furbo.
  4. Turn Off Your Camera: You should see an option to disable or turn off your camera. Selecting your option will deactivate your camera, stopping your live streaming and your recording.
  5. Disable Additional Features: If you want to turn off all your other features such as bark alerts or event notifications, you can usually find your options in your same settings area. Toggle them off as you need them.
  6. Schedule Automatic On/Off: Some of your Furbo models may offer you on scheduling features. Here, you can set specific times for all your cameras to turn on or off automatically, based on your usual schedule.
  7. Confirm Changes: After making your desired changes, ensure you have your save or confirm them before exiting your settings.
  8. Reactivating Furbo: To turn your camera and features back on, simply follow your same steps and toggle your camera and features to ‘on’.

By following all your steps, you can easily manage all your Furbo’s functionalities to suit your presence at home, ensuring your privacy and control over your pet monitoring system.

Benefits of Turning Off Furbo When Home

Turning off your Furbo camera when you’re home offers you several benefits, balancing on your smart pet monitoring having your personal privacy and device longevity. Here are our key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Privacy: Your primary benefit is privacy. Turning off your camera ensures that your private moments at home which aren’t recorded or accidentally broadcast, providing you a peace of mind.
  2. Energy Conservation: Disabling all your Furbo when it’s not needed conserves your energy. This not only saves you on electricity costs but also aligns with environmentally conscious living.
  3. Prolongs Device Life: Regularly turning off your camera can extend your overall operational lifespan. Constant operation can put you on strain of your device, so giving it your break can be beneficial.
  4. Reduces Data Storage: If you’re using your cloud storage services, turning off your camera when not needed can help you manage all your required data usage, especially if your plan has limited your storage capacity.
  5. Prevents Unnecessary Notifications: Disabling your Furbo while you’re home avoid your influx of unnecessary alerts and notifications that your system might send out based on your movement or presence.
  6. Encourages Interaction with Pets: Turning off all your camera and interacting with your pets directly when your home can strengthen your bond, as opposed to monitoring them remotely.

By turning off your Furbo when you’re home, you effectively utilize your features when needed, while also respecting your privacy and optimizing your device’s utility.

Furbo's Privacy Mode: What Is It and How Does It Work

Furbo’s Privacy Mode: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Furbo’s Privacy Mode is a feature that is designed to enhance your user privacy by easily disabling your camera and microphone. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. Purpose of Privacy Mode: Privacy Mode is intended to provide you with control over your home privacy. When activated, it turns off all your Furbo’s camera and microphone, ensuring that you have no audio or video recording.
  2. Activating Privacy Mode: To activate your Privacy Mode, you should open your Furbo app and navigate to your settings. Here, you’ll find an option to toggle your Privacy Mode on or off.
  3. Indication of Activation: When your Privacy Mode is activated, you can typically see a visual indicator on your app, such as a closed-eye icon or a specific color on your LED indicator of your Furbo unit, confirming that your camera and microphone are off.
  4. Impact on Functionality: While you are in Privacy Mode, Furbo’s core monitoring features, such as your live streaming, bark alerts, and video recording, are disabled. This ensures your complete privacy in your home.
  5. Reactivating Features: To resume all your normal operation, simply return to your app and deactivate your Privacy Mode. This will reactivate your camera and microphone for your regular pet monitoring.
  6. Convenience: Privacy Mode offers you a convenient way for you to quickly ensure that your privacy without needing to physically turn off your device or unplug it.

Privacy Mode is your useful feature as a Furbo who want a quick and easy way to guarantee their in-home privacy while still enjoying your benefits of a pet camera when needed.

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