How Far does Furbo Toss Treats? Treat-Tossing Precision!

How Far does Furbo Toss Treats

Furbo has changed the game of pet feeding with its treat tossing function. You might also want to give it a try to treat your furry friend, but it is essential to have a clear understanding of its mechanism. Based on our experience today, we will be providing you with precise answers to some of your questions, prioritizing ‘How far does Furbo toss treat?’ Keep reading till the end and ensure you can utilize Furbo for treat tossing confidently.

How Far does Furbo Toss Treats?

 Furbo can toss treats up to a distance of about 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 centimeters).

It’s not meant for long-range tossing but is sufficient for rewarding your pet within a short range.

This way, you can interact with your pet and reinforce positive behavior even when you’re not physically present.

Most importantly, Furbo does not make any noise when tossing treats, so your pet will not get frightened. 

To activate Furbo’s treat tossing feature, you should lift the wooden cover and load treats into Furbo, but be careful not to exceed the maximum line for optimal performance.

During live streaming, swipe or press your finger across the screen from the treat icon to send a treat to your pet. 

If Furbo encounters difficulty tossing treats, it might be due to jammed treats. In such instances, the inner launcher will rotate in reverse for 2 seconds to loosen the jammed treats.

It’s advisable to toss treats 4-5 times from your Furbo to ensure synchronization with the complete treat-tossing cycle. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, empty all treats and try again.

How Big Can the Treats Be for Furbo?

The treats you load into Furbo can be big, around half an inch to 0.75 inches. For the best performance with Furbo, it’s recommended to use treats that are around the size of a standard kibble, ideally no bigger than 0.75 inches.

The best practice would be to choose a round-shaped treat and measure its diameter.

If their diameter is around 1 cm, Furbo can toss them without any issue.

Using treats within this size range ensures smooth operation and prevents potential jams in the treat-tossing mechanism.

There are some other key guidelines for choosing the perfect treat for your Furbo dog camera.

Make sure to go for treats that have non-sticky and sturdy consistency.

Furbo specifically recommends dry, firm, and round treats around 0.4 inches in size for optimal results in treat tossing.

It’s essential that the treats are smaller than the dispenser opening, ideally ranging from half an inch to an inch.

Any treat can be used, provided it is smaller than the treat dispenser opening, and caution should be taken to avoid treats that could potentially get stuck or damaged during dispensing.

How Many Treats does Furbo Hold?

Furbo can hold approximately 100 pieces of standard-sized treats.

This allows for a decent amount of treats to keep your pet entertained and rewarded over multiple sessions.

Anyways, the number of treats that can fit in the jar can vary according to the size and shape of the treat. 

As Furbo treat tossing follows the methods of variable reward dog training, it tosses different amounts of treats each time.

It will help to keep your dog engaged with Furbo. Thus, make sure to load the treats regularly; do not leave the jar empty. However, when you load treats, do not exceed the max line.

Why is My Furbo Not Tossing the Treats

Why is My Furbo Not Tossing the Treats?

If your Furbo isn’t tossing treats, explore these possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Treat Size and Texture: Confirm that your treats are the correct size and texture. The reason why, oversized treats may get stuck, while overly soft ones can clump. Optimal performance is achieved with dry, firm, and round treats around 0.5 inches in size.
  2. Cleanliness: Clear out any remaining scraps and ensure the treat compartment is free of obstructions. If the dispenser jams, you should empty the treats and remove any lingering crumbs. You can also turn Furbo upside-down and shake it to release any stuck treats.
  3. Treat Tossing Cycle: If the treat tosser isn’t completing its cycle, try restarting Furbo to reset the process. In order to do that, unplug it for 20 seconds, then plug it back in. Test tossing a treat again to check for resolution.
  4. Treat Quantity: Avoid overfilling the treat compartment; Furbo’s capacity is 100 pieces. Exceeding this limit can disrupt the proper operation.

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