How To Exclude Words From Google Search [TUTORIAL]

How To Exclude Words From Google Search [TUTORIAL]

Smartphones have enabled anyone with an internet connection to search for information by simply typing it into the search box. However, have you ever performed a Google search and obtained results that you had not sought? In this situation, learning how to exclude words from google search may be a huge time saver for anyone who works with search engines regularly.

Google handles billions of requests every day. It has made internet browsing more convenient and efficient. A search in the Google search bar will bring you to a website with responses to virtually all search queries. It is unlikely to leave your search question unanswered. Excluding terms from your searches is a quick and straightforward way to improve the quality of your results.

 How To Exclude Words From Google Search

Even though Google has improved over time, finding the perfect match for your search or reaching a particular website on the internet is still tricky. Depending on the scope of your search, Google may return a diverse set of results for your typed-in query. These websites may not always be relevant to your search.

But the search engine, on the other hand, is far more than the average person realizes. If you use various Google search symbols, you’ll have a better experience with Google search overall.

Exclude A Specific Word

So, how to exclude words from Google search? If you want to eliminate results that contain a particular phrase or term, use the minus sign (-). When you type a search phrase with a negative sign (-) in front of it, Google’s search algorithm ignores any web pages that contain that term. Let us take an example.

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

When we ask Google for pasta recipes and don’t want to include tomatoes in our recipe, using the minus-sign modifier with the word “tomato,” we can exclude any results with “tomato.”

We only see pages that don’t include the word  “tomato.” You can eliminate a specific year or object from the search results. Any term will get omitted from the list of search results given by Google.

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

Exclude A Specific Phrase from Google Search

You can also exclude a whole phrase from your search results by enclosing it in quotes and adding a minus sign in front of it in the search field. Every page of results that has an exact match of the phrase in quotes will get disregarded by Google. By including a term in quotation marks, you may narrow the scope of the search results returned by Google.

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

Note: Google may overlook some of your keywords if you use a lengthy query.  Sometimes there aren’t many results that include all of your keywords, or perhaps some of them are repetitive.

Use A Specific Website To Look For Results

With this search operator, you may limit your Google results to those that show on a specific website.

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

We’re looking for the best cat food, but we only want to view results from Reddit in this case. With this search operator, users may find relevant pictures or content items on any website rapidly.

You may also search for a specific file type, such as filetype: pdf, which will give PDF files.  Use report filetype:xlsx to do the same with Excel files; This allows you to search for photos.

Keep in mind that this only applies to papers and files made publicly available over the web.

Exclude A Particular Web Page from Google Search

If you don’t want any results from a particular website, use the minus symbol (-) with a website address. Instead of using Amazon to get a face mask, consider searching for something like this instead:

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

Look For Words or Phrases That Exactly Match What You Are Looking For

When you choose the exact-match search option, your results will be considerably more accurate. You may accomplish this by enclosing your search term in quotation marks.

How To Exclude Words From Google Search

Here, we’re interested in the best movies of 2019. The use of quote marks ensures that we’ll only see results that expressly represent the year’s greatest films.  This way, you can find specific information.

Use the Google’s Advanced Image Search feature

If you want to get particular, Google’s more advanced search tools are an excellent place to start. Click Settings from the toolbar at the top of any Google search results page, then Advanced search. The next page will provide you with various additional search options, such as focusing your search on a specific location or locating photos that you have permission to use. There’s also a technique to look for pictures based on their size. Type your search query in Google’s image search box, followed by the size search operator and the pixel values you want for your image.

You should be familiar with a few of the operators by now, such as particular phrases. However, having more language and region options might be beneficial. Google favors hits from the nation or continent you’re presently in by default, and you may use these options to improve results.

Why Exclude Words From Google Search        

Understanding how to exclude words from google search is not complex, but why do it? By excluding specific phrases from your Google searches, you help the search engine better comprehend your search intentions.

Google will provide more meaningful results and up-to-date information. Additionally, you will save time and obtain more relevant results.

Bottom Line

You now know how to exclude words from google search by utilizing a handful of search operators. When looking for information online, eliminating some Google search results may save you a lot of time. The advanced search page is worth looking at if you forget one of the aforementioned methods, such as searching on a specific site or omitting terms. If all of your search parameters get met, try using Advanced Search to see what comes up.

 I hope that all of these approaches will be beneficial to you. Start increasing the precision of your searches by excluding terms from online search with these basic search operators. Make Google work harder for you, and you’ll save time in the process. You’ll never go back to the old way of searching on Google once you’ve understood it.


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