Even though Chrome is terrific in every way, users may need to know how to restart Chrome for various reasons. Let’s discuss about this topic today!

Google Chrome is a free Internet browser that runs on a variety of platforms. Chrome initially struggled to compete with the web’s dominant browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Later, the popularity grew because of Google’s marketing efforts and the user-friendly interface.

According to Statcounter figures, Chrome took 70% of the global desktop browser market share in January 2019. Syncing with Google services and accounts, tabbed surfing, and automated translation and word checking of web pages are just a few features.

Let’s go over some of the reasons we might need to restart Chrome before getting into the primary procedure.

Restarting Chrome for various reasons

If Google Chrome freezes, crashes, or refuses to start, we need to restart it. Your browser may occasionally crash, or You’ve been using Chrome for some time, and the extension you just added requires you to restart Chrome to complete the installation. Because the tabs you have open are too essential to close right now, you might want to delay restarting Chrome.

The good news is that Google Chrome includes a built-in function, and we’ll show you How to Restart Chrome without losing your data.

How to restart Chrome on Different platforms?

On Mac, Windows, Linux PCs, iOS devices, and Android, The Chrome browser from Google offers a convenient and straightforward browsing experience. If you use Chrome, you won’t have to worry about losing all your tabs. Even if the closed tabs were from a previous session, Chrome gives you the option of retrieving them.

How to restart Chrome on macOS and Windows?

You may restart Chrome without losing any active tabs or Chrome Profiles, thanks to a feature. Simply typing chrome:/restart into the Google address bar will close and restart the browser, resuming all open tabs. It’s simple to create a bookmark of a one-click restart process to save time in the future. Select the add page option from the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the bookmark bar. A window title edit bookmark will display for your custom page URLs, including chrome:/restart. This window will save in your bookmark bar as an easy-to-restart process.

Chrome should save your previous session even after resetting your PC unless you periodically erase your internet history. A User can access the “Recently closed.” tabs by selecting History from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.

How to restart Chrome on Android and iOS?

Why would somebody using an Android or iOS device need to restart Chrome? A fast restart of Chrome will significantly benefit the user when it starts performing weirdly or sluggishly. When Chrome usually runs, the problem resolves automatically. Chrome has a few secret features that require a bit more work to get.

Getting around to how to restart Chrome, on the other hand, does not take much effort. Chrome restarting is a quick and easy operation in Windows browsers, and it’s the same in Android browsers. Google Chrome features a similar user interface on mobile devices. You can achieve a similar effect by typing chrome:/restart. The Google Chrome application will now close and reopen more quickly than previously.

Reasons for Resetting Chrome

Now you know the answer to how to restart Chrome. But Sometimes restarting Chrome without deleting your open tabs isn’t enough to address all your issues. If you have trouble internet browsing, you might need to reset Google Chrome:

  • When you try to browse a website, you are getting to an unknown and unsafe page.
  • Your browser frequently freezes or slows down.
  • Ads that appear in the form of annoying pop-ups continue to arrive.

These issues could indicate that malicious software or extension, adware, or malware has taken over your browser. The only option left is to reset Chrome to its default settings. Restarting Chrome is straightforward, but resetting it is more complex, and you risk losing all of your open tabs.

How to Reset Chrome on macOS and Windows?

Resetting Google Chrome to its default settings be a simple fix if the browser isn’t working correctly or you’ve installed an unwanted add-on. By selecting settings from the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser, you can open a new window. Then, under Advanced settings, choose “Reset and clean up,” which gives you the option of either cleaning up your computer or restoring Chrome to factory settings. Chrome will be restored to its default settings, making it as good as new, after a confirmation message appears.

How to reset Chrome on Android and iOS

If you need to reset Google Chrome on your Android smartphone for whatever reason, there is no reset button. There is, however, a technique to restart your smartphone’s Google Chrome browser. It’s like how you’d do it with any other app on your Android phone. The different approach to returning the app to defaults without removing it is to delete its data using the Google Chrome storage and cache option in the Android application manager. If you select and clear all data, the app returns to its default settings.

On an iOS device, you can’t reset the Chrome browser, but you can delete the browsing cache. For iOS users, using the Clear Browsing Data option from the browser’s privacy menu offers a near-reset option.

Bottom Line

The Google Chrome browser features a simple and elegant appearance. It’s almost devoid of frills, and you immediately get the impression that you’re dealing with it. Something that makes online browsing a breeze. Although it is the fastest browser and makes greater use of hardware resources than others, users frequently report counter difficulties for various reasons, which we have already discussed. To solve these problems, a user sometimes needs to restart or reset Google Chrome. Depending on the situation to achieve the smoothest experience.


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