This report outlines how to totally erase your Facebook Dating account as well as “how to turn off Facebook dating” when you’d wish to spend some time away without deleting chats and connections.

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How to turn off Facebook dating? Start your Facebook app on any phone or other mobile gadget to disable Facebook Dating. Go to the “Dating” section. Choosing “Settings.” Locate and activate the “Take a Break” button.

Dating on Facebook

You may make a Dating account on Facebook when you want to use it to connect with new people. You may express interest in someone by liking and messaging them in Dating. You’ll connect and be able to start conversing in Dating after somebody loves you in return.

All users of Dating are required to abide by our Community Guidelines. Advertising content and corporate offers are not permitted in dating accounts or other activities.

You could decide at some time to remove your Facebook Dating account if you’ve already made one. Whatever the motivation, it is not too impossible to handle a Facebook Dating account.

You should be familiar with the distinctions between such “Delete” and “Take a Break” choices before continuing with the instruction.

What are the Meanings of “Delete” as well as “Take a Break”?

If anyone discovers an alternative dating app that’s better for them, they may take a break from utilizing the Facebook Dating program or uninstall it entirely.

The greatest choice is “deleting” if you’d never wish to engage in Facebook dating afterward. You won’t be able to regain any more data after choosing the “Delete” choice. You won’t be able to get in touch with someone you’ve matched with, and it will appear as though the account didn’t exist at all.

Your “Take a Break” choice is suggested if you would like to take a little break off Facebook dating. All of the previous discussions are saved when you choose the “Take a Break” choice, so you may keep conversing with your partners.

You can leave the account hidden by taking a break, which prevents other Facebook Dating users from seeing it or you from seeing them till you turn the break feature off.

How can a Facebook Dating Account be Deleted?

Use the instructions below to remove your Facebook Dating account.

  1. Start your phone’s Facebook application.
  2. To access a menu, click and drag one of the three horizontal lines there at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “Dating” by swiping it down.
  4. To access the Settings screen, press the gear symbol in the upper corner.
  5. Click the “General” option in the top-right corner of the Options menu.
  6. Click on “Delete Profile” underneath “Account.”
  7. If necessary, enter a justification for removing the profile before selecting “Next.”
  8. Click “Delete Profile” to permanently delete the account and any related data.
  9. Verify that you do wish to remove your account.

What Happens When I Delete my Facebook Dating Account?

The dating replies, likes, connections, and chats will all be lost if you decide to deactivate the dating profile. All of the stuff is gone forever. Therefore, even if users enable Facebook Dating once again afterward to create a new account, nothing will come back.

Remember that removing a chat from the Dating account won’t remove it from the recipient’s Dating account. It is not possible for users to erase communications that have been sent or acknowledged to another individual.

Facebook Dating profiles can be deleted independently of Facebook accounts. But if you remove your Facebook profile, the online profile will too. You have seven days to create a new dating site after deleting the old one.

It’s possible to choose “take a break” rather than the window, which will save you from losing any connections and being forced to start again if you decide to use Facebook Dating once more in the coming years.

How to turn off Facebook Dating?

Rather than erasing your account, you would be asked to “Take a Break.”

1. On one’s smartphone, launch the Facebook app.

2. To traverse your interface, mouse over the three bars just at the top of the page.

3. Use your arrow keys to move below and look for the “Dating” function.

4. To access settings, look for such tool symbol and tap upon that.

5. Select “General” from the list of options.

6. Locate the “Take a Break” choice under the “Account” page.

7. Switch the “Take a Break” icon to the active position.

And once the toggle is turned off, any prospective matches here on the application won’t be able to access your profile.

The profile won’t be removed if you want to “Take a Break.” You may still preserve any previous matches and talks, but they won’t be displayed on that app anymore. At any moment, you can disable this option and restore full account functionality.

Delete or Take a Break on Facebook Dating is Preferable?

Your desired outcome will determine the response.

If you wish to quit using the website altogether, you must remove your account. It seems as if users never created an account in the first place if you delete your account. When you do this, all previous discussions with results are deleted from the system, and you’re no longer able to interact with individuals via the dating site.

The “taking a break” choice, in contrast, hand, is excellent if you desire to do precisely that. The connections and discussions won’t disappear, and you may even continue to message individuals with whom you’ve previously connected.

Just until users un-pause the account, they are unable to see or be viewed through other FB Dating members.

How can I Delete the Facebook link for the Dating Emblem?

Regardless of whether you’ve enabled Facebook Dating as well as creating an account, it’s straightforward to remove the Facebook Dating symbol tab off your device’s main screen.

Just choose “Not Now” from the “Dating” item inside the shortcut’s option there at the bottom of the display. The choice to “Remove” as well as “Keep” your dating symbol will appear as a result. To delete it, choose “Remove.”


How to turn off Facebook dating? You could want to disable Facebook Dating, as well as Facebook has made sure individuals can do so quickly and whenever they want from personal portable devices. The implications of each choice, as outlined in this handbook, should be understood before you choose one.

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