This guide will explain to you how to delete ibotta account. Ibotta is a rewarding virtual app that rewards authorized consumers with money back when purchasing things through their platform. The web portal allows you to establish or change your account details, explore a catalog of e-commerce goods, and acquire comprehensive product details.

You may also buy things through the site and earn money back. We have lately received demands from our webpage visitors to remove their accounts from the Ibotta Platform.

After conducting an extensive study on why customers are removing their profiles from the Ibotta platform. We concluded that several consumers are not utilizing the site to acquire things, so they want to cancel their profiles. 

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Ibotta is an application that allows you to purchase online and get your money back. With each transaction, you have the opportunity to earn monetary benefits. This software also enables you to make payments and get gift vouchers for each one.

With over 1600 digital stores and businesses to pick from, consumers have many alternatives to make their internet transactions more affordable and accessible.

Ibotta, on the other hand, has several flaws. Suppose you haven’t utilized the Ibotta application in the previous six months. In that case, you’ll get required to settle a $4 account service charge.

It is among the most common reasons individuals attempt to delete their Ibotta profile, and we’ll teach you how immediately. To get a comprehensive answer, delete and then remove the application. Instead, Ibotta would keep sending you service payment invoices. Let’s look at how to delete ibotta account.

How to Delete ibotta Account?

Here is how to delete ibotta account on different OS

How to Delete ibotta Account On iOS Device?

By completing these instructions using the application on an Apple device, you could delete your Ibotta profile:

  • Launch the Ibotta application and sign in on your apple device.
  • Select the Account symbol at the base of the application’s display.
  • The “Disable Profile” page would appear when you click on Configurations. You could delete your Ibotta profile by pressing now.
  • After clicking the similar, a validation pop-up will appear, and you must select Disable Profile.
  • When you execute this, your profile will be disabled. And the main page will be displayed so that you may log in or create a new profile.
  • If you correctly deactivate your Ibotta profile. You would lose all your incentive, payback, receipts uploading record, reward history, awaiting rebate, and future purchasing offers.

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How to Delete ibotta Account On Android?

The Ibotta Android application does not allow you to delete your account. Android consumers can deactivate their profile using these methods:

How to Delete ibotta Account Via Email?

You could approach the Ibotta staff by emailing and asking that your profile get deleted. In your removal statement, provide information such as your initial and final name, user id, and associated email id.

  • Open the email program you utilize most regularly and log in using the address you utilized to create your Ibotta profile.
  • Next, in the “To” section of your message, add
  • Specify in the subject field, “Remove my Ibotta service.”
  • Include your account credentials in the Composing area and a note explaining why you want to deactivate your profile.
  • After pressing the Send option to deliver the correspondence, an Ibotta user care staff member will contact you via email to verify your removal request. Once notified, will take appropriate action to delete the information forever.

Tip: If an email spammer is a cause, you want to deactivate your account. We suggest you either designate the correspondence as junk mail or disconnect from their subscription by selecting the unsubscribe option at the base of your message.

How to Delete ibotta Account Via Live Chat?

Suppose you no more want to keep your Ibotta profile. In such a situation, you can approach Ibotta customer service and request that your profile get removed. But, it gets recommended that you erase all payment details from your profile before it gets deleted. To delete your profile via online chat assistance, please perform these actions:

  • Open Ibotta’s online chat with assistance, enter your email address and select “I Require Assistance Regarding” from the options list.
  • Select My Account Preferences now.
  • After that, select Preferences or My Profile Information.
  • Go to the tab under Disabling My Ibotta Profile.
  • In the topic area, type Remove my Ibotta Profile and choose the grounds for deactivation from the option.
  • Tick the box that says, “I allow Ibotta authorization to terminate the profile mentioned above.”
  • In the explanation message box, clarify precisely why the profile gets closed, then click Confirm.

Ibotta may require weeks to months to reply to manually ticket submissions. Suppose you have modified your email id but still haven’t modified it inside the application. In that scenario, Ibotta may fail to correlate your inquiry with your profile.

Things To Do before Deleting iBotta Account

Suppose you haven’t utilized the Ibotta application in seven months. In that case, you might get an email informing you that you owe an account upkeep charge. That email is why individuals want to get rid of Ibotta.

However, remember that Ibotta would never charge your credit card or issue you an invoice. In a sense, labeling it a charge is a little perplexing. Instead, your outstanding balance gets removed for the $3.99 monthly profile upkeep cost. When your balance falls to zero, your profile becomes dormant till you restore it.

Bottom Line

Ibotta is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to earn additional cashback rewards. However, it gets recommended that you remove your Ibotta account if you are no longer utilizing it or don’t plan to utilize it in the future.

The profile termination procedure is simple, and you can file a request to have your Ibotta profile deleted. You could also write an email to an Ibotta representative to request that your account get deleted asap. Once the profile gets terminated, you could remove the Ibotta application from your smartphone.

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