In this guide, we will share several ideas on how to increase maximum capacity of iPhone battery and what truly consumes them. With a nearly 25% global market presence, iPhone consumers grow with every new generation. However, with all of the additional functionality and services, customers are always concerned about whether their smartphone’s battery will survive the whole day.

Nobody enjoys it when their smartphone is ready to die, particularly when there isn’t an adapter around. And who will want to carry along a USB cable in their pocket? The strange part is that our phones often tend to run out of battery power when we require them the maximum. Users drain the juice from their iPhones each day and ponder why the batteries keep draining. In layman’s words, they expire as technology ages. 

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You certainly overlooked several aspects of your iPhone that drive it to deplete quicker than you would want. The rise and awake function gets enabled by standard and will light up whenever the iPhone detects motion. So, if you walk around a lot and prefer to keep your phone to look at the time, you may deplete your battery quicker.

Many folks have more than enough getting on their phones. They get many widgets, active backgrounds, alerts, and many social networks operating simultaneously and think why their iPhone doesn’t last more than 4 hours. Additionally, running huge applications might deplete the battery, so ensure you designate and switch off superfluous applications while utilizing huge apps. Let’s look at how to increase maximum capacity of iPhone battery.

How To Increase Maximum Capacity Of iPhone Battery?

Let’s see some workable remedies. 

Reduce the brightness

It is a no-brainer that often gets ignored. Because your screen backlighting may rapidly deplete your battery, lowering the intensity of your display could do excellent for your battery. You may also adjust your brightness to automated and allow your iPhone to determine when to increase or decrease your brightness.

Make Use Of Plain Backgrounds

Even though active and dynamic backgrounds are impressive, they may rapidly consume your power. Therefore, if you want to maximize your battery capacity, strive to maintain vibrant backgrounds off your iPhone. Instead, use standard backdrop images.

Turn off the Bluetooth

Bluetooth is infamous for depleting iPhone batteries. If you are not utilizing a Bluetooth module, deactivating the Bluetooth function will assist you in saving battery capacity. Additionally, you possess Bluetooth blank, which means that the Bluetooth function will instantly consume fewer assets if they don’t get linked to gadgets. This function is available in black.

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Switch off WIFI

While you’re not at residence, keeping your smartphone Wi-Fi-enabled will significantly deplete your battery. Your device will always be looking for Wi-Fi channels to connect. When you depart the home, your preferred option is simply switching off the Wi-Fi connection, and it’s another way to increase the maximum capacity of iPhone battery.

Many individuals frequently neglect to switch their Wi-Fi entirely off, resulting in overdue data costs. To avoid this, slide down on your main screen for fast navigation to preferences, where you must notice an image of your Wi-Fi station.

To deactivate it, hit the Wi-Fi icon, and your Wi-Fi would get turned off till the following day. Unless you possess a free subscription, it will reduce excessive data prices.

Switch Off Automatic Background Refresh

It is a critical thing to remember. When you activate auto background refreshing, programs in the background continually seek fresh content to upgrade. This auto function will upgrade applications if they are operating, which may deplete your battery and affect your cellular connection.

Disable Siri

Siri is a sophisticated digital assistant for your smartphone. Thanks to clever code and analytics, Siri can respond to practically any query you ask her, despite if it’s unusual. The only drawback to this great assistance is that she is constantly monitoring and ready for you to exclaim, Hey Siri.

Aside from privacy concerns, this real-time function may severely deplete your battery. We suggest removing this option if you intend to maintain your confidentiality while saving battery capacity. Open Settings, then Find Siri mode and switch it off.

Low-power mode

The reduced power option is likely the most beneficial when it concerns preserving your battery. It turns off the relevant features: Hello, Siri. Background application refreshing, automated downloading, and automated email retrieve are all options. It also adjusts the timer for your auto-lock display to 30 secs.

Something like you have to wander around and discover pushing you to switch on the stator. Once your charge gets 20% adore, you would like to make the most out of this option; it’s better to switch it on.

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Disable the notifications

Too many application alerts are guaranteed to deplete your power; this is a widespread issue among apple fans that gets quickly rectified.

Note: Open Settings and navigate to Notification. Whereas in alerts, you will be able to select which applications may give you notifications.

Control your battery use

This function enables you to see which specific applications are eating your energy at any one moment and displays a portion of application battery consumption on the screen. This function is incredibly useful in determining which applications are consuming your battery.

Note: To test whether your battery has lost any energy since you purchased it, go to options > battery > battery health and glance at the Max Capability section. It will display the amount of battery deterioration that has happened after purchasing.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in getting something out of the iPhone’s battery capacity. If you implement the methods mentioned, we guarantee you will be able to increase the lifespan of your batteries. Suppose you’ve followed all of these methods and your device is still failing. Your battery might deteriorate or be faulty, and you’ll have to change it.


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