How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone – Must Know Easy Methods

How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone

Do you have an iPhone and you wonder How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone? Your phone connects to a carrier’s network via a SIM card. It also refers to how you use your account’s voice and broadband services. You can’t make or receive calls without a SIM card since it contains your phone number and account information. Sim cards get stored in a tray that slides into and out of your iPhone.

The SIM card is required, although it is tiny enough to be easily misplaced and mistakenly inserted. The exception is that eSIM cards, which are virtual SIM cards that don’t require any fitting, are already available. It’s critical to remove the SIM card from your phone before selling it, trading it in for a new model, or sending it in for repairs. 

This article explains how to remove a SIM card from any iPhone model and resolve any issues that may arise.

Sim and Sim Trays in iPhone

The Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM, is a small physical card inserted into your device instructing it to connect to a particular network. The location of the SIM card tray on an iPhone varies from generation to generation. It varies depending on the model and available space within the device.

A SIM card slot gets unmistakably located on one of the iPhone’s sides. The SIM card for your iPhone gets kept in a tray. This SIM card connects your phone to your cellular provider, acts as the primary source of communication. If your iPhone came with a SIM card pre-installed from the carrier, you might never need to remove it. If you buy an unlocked and SIM-free phone or buy a used one, you will need to know How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone.

How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone – What You’ll Need

To find out How To Take a Sim Card Out of an iPhone, you’ll need first to figure out what tools you’ll need.

  • Your iPhone
  • The SIM card you’d want to replace
  • To eject the SIM tray from your iPhone, you’ll need a SIM card removal tool.

A SIM card removal tool gets included in the packaging, depending on which iPhone you have to buy. You’re good to go if there is. If not, a SIM removal tool can get purchased for a reasonable price.

Note: When seeking a replacement for a lost Apple SIM card pin, be cautious. The cost of repairing your iPhone’s card tray might go into the hundreds of dollars.

How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone – Follow these Steps 

On all iPhones, the process of removing the SIM card is the same. Most older iPhones have the SIM tray on the right from the iPhone 4 through the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The SIM card’s corner gets cut off, so you know where to insert it in the tray. Once you have all the things ready, follow the steps below.

Removing Sim Card

  1. After Locating the SIM tray on the right edge of the iPhone (The contour of the SIM tray should be visible, with a pinhole at the bottom end), insert a SIM eject tool into the hole on the tray.
  2. Press it against a spring until the SIM tray pops out
  3. Pull the SIM tray out of the device and remove the SIM card.

Inserting Sim Card

  1. Insert your SIM card into the SIM slot, gold chip facing down. A portion of the SIM tray has got chopped off to assist you in accurately inserting your SIM card.
  2. Return the SIM tray to its original position.
  3. Turn your iPhone off and on again if it doesn’t identify the new SIM card.

SIM Ejector tool Alternatives

If you don’t have a sim ejector tool and still want to know How To Take Sim Card Out of iPhone,

Use a standard office paper clip to access the SIM card slot.

  • Straighten the paper clip’s long end until it extends outward.
  • Follow the remaining steps same as above
  • Place the paper clip into the tiny pinhole aperture with care, apply mild, consistent pressure until the SIM tray pops out.

You can also use safety pins, Staples, mechanical pencils, and earrings to fit the sim tray hole.

Tips – If You Can’t Take Out Sim Tray from iPhone

Follow the steps below if you are having trouble removing the SIM card tray

  • Don’t try to push the tool. It should always be a little pressure, not a lot of effort.
  • Check that you’re approaching the tray from the right direction. If you twist the paper clip inside your iPhone, it may bend instead of working correctly.
  • A paper clip with a thinner outer coating may be easier to use than a plastic covering.

If everything else fails, visit your nearest Apple Store for help.

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Bottom Line

Step-by-step instructions on how to put a new SIM card into an iPhone can get seen above. Make sure you press down firmly. The SIM card will not operate because the tray gets not inserted correctly. It’s important to remember that you should never push a SIM tray back into its slot forcefully. If you have any issues, contact an Apple Store associate.


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