The iOS 14.8 update from Apple is minor, but your iPhone may take some time to install it.  As it is typical with the release of a new iOS version, iOS 14 came with a fresh set of issues. Many iPhone owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the lengthy download times required for the most recent software upgrade. So how long does ios 14 take to download?

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How Long Does iOS 14 Take To Download?

iOS 14 got launched by Apple, and it included a slew of new features for the iPhone. IPSW grows in size due to the iOS addition of new capabilities; This explains why some iPhone owners complain that the latest software update is taking excessive time. Two security fixes are included in iOS 14.8 release to help keep your device safe.  Set aside some time if you’re going to install iOS 14.8 on your iPhone and want it done correctly.

Because of the improvements from the update(s) you missed getting baked in, your iOS 14.8 download may be more significant if you’re upgrading from an earlier version of iOS. If you’re upgrading your iPhone from a previously released version of ios, the list of changes and download size will be shorter and smaller. For such devices, the iOS 14.8 update should only take a few hundred megabytes to download.

We cannot estimate how long the operation will take because it will vary from one individual to another. However, if you opt to upgrade your iPhone’s software, we can assist you in estimating the time required. Users have reported that the installation procedure often takes between 15-20 minutes. The download and installation of iOS 14 may take most users well over an hour.

It’s helpful to know how long does ios 14 takes to download. However, there are occasions when upgrading to iOS takes a long time due to various factors. Some of these elements are listed below.

Why it’s taking long to update to iOS 14?

Several factors determine how long it takes you to complete an ios update, such as:

  • What is the speed of your Internet connection?
  • What percentage of your phone’s memory gets used now?
  • When are you updating?
  • Exactly how fast is your iPhone?
  • How big is the latest operating system version?
  • Network Connection

The speed of the iPhone’s Internet connection is the most critical element in deciding the length of an update. If iOS 14 takes hours to update on your iPhone, your network connection may be having issues. If you’re using cellular data to update your smartphone, be sure the network connection stays strong throughout the process.

You also have the option of resetting the network settings to get rid of any glitches. You should upgrade to iOS 14 via a WiFi network if possible. If your Internet connection is slow, the iOS 14 software upgrade will take longer to download.

  • Storage space

If your iPhone’s storage capacity is too low to accommodate the iOS 14 update, your iPhone will try to free up space by uninstalling apps. Installing iOS 14 on your iPhone will require around 5GB of Free Storage. The storage on your device should be sufficient. Visit Settings, General, Storage & iCloud Usage, and then Manage storage to see if your device’s storage is whole.

  • Problem with the Apple Server

When a new piece of software is made available, the server is often overloaded. Apple’s servers may have been overwhelmed, causing the iOS 14 update to take a lifetime on not only your iPhone but numerous others as well. Contact Apple’s customer support to double-check.  We recommend you delay updating your iPhone until later; if this is the case,

  • Region

The time it takes to update to iOS 14 depends on where you are. Remember that not all Apple services are available globally, so some users may receive a lighter version of iOS 14 that excludes the feature not available in their region.

How to Fix iOS 14 Update That Takes Forever

It’s silly to expect an iOS upgrade to go smoothly every time. If your iOS 14 device gets stopped, try the solutions listed below:

Restart your iPhone

If updating to iOS 14 takes hours, the easiest solution is to force a restart of your iPhone. There are various ways to restart your iPhone, and it all depends on the model you have. For those of you with iPhone 8 or newer models. While pushing and releasing the Volume Up and Down keys, keep the Side button pressed. Release the Side button after your smartphone has rebooted.

On an iPhone 7/7 Plus, simultaneously press the Volume Down and Side buttons until the Apple logo appears.

Update your iPhone with iTunes

If you’ve done the previous procedures and the upgrade to iOS 14 is still not complete, you may use iTunes to attempt to install the most recent version.

iOS should get repaired

If none of the preferred methods above are effective, your only choice is to have repaired your iPhone or iPad. Many apps are available to help you fix your iOS device. ​ You can also go to the Apple Store with your smartphone.

Bottom Line

According to various factors, such as your device’s type and speed, the download time for iOS 14 might vary considerably. Numerous accounts have surfaced from customers who have experienced long wait periods when downloading the newest iPhone software update file. You can prepare ahead of time now that you know how long it takes to download iOS 14. If you have any more concerns about upgrading your Apple device, you may contact Apple for assistance.


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