WiFi lets you create an internet network without the need for cables; however, these networks are primarily dependent on the strength of signal and security. It is likely that when you purchased an internet router, you likely didn’t put a lot of emphasis on the solid guarantee of your network. Security of networks should be at the top of the list since WiFi stations are the primary gateway for devices to connect to the internet. What if you received a warning that a WIFI connection isn’t secure. You are wondering What Does Weak Security Mean On WiFi?

Seeing someone hacking our device or WiFi network is enough to send shivers down our spine even in our worst nightmares. Don’t worry; we’ll examine the details of What Does Weak Security Mean On WiFi, and it does not necessarily mean that someone has compromised your phone in any way. In that case, it implies that the router you’re connecting to has a security feature that is thought to be outdated or easily circumvented, or the password for access is insufficient, inadequate, or easily guessable.

What Does Weak Security Mean On WiFi?

WiFi uses different security standards to protect the computers that get connected to the network. The security of WiFi gets determined by various regularly updated protocols to address issues in the earlier version. WEP is the eldest and, consequently, the most vulnerable of all the protocols. WPA is slightly more secure than WEP. WPA2 follows it, and then WPA3 can be described as the highest standard in WiFi security.

However, this isn’t a significant difference, particularly for an individual homeowner. Additionally, certain older routers do not support WPA3. The majority of us are more about the speed of data transmissions and the range of a router when it comes to wireless connectivity at home, but it’s time to alter our perceptions.

What Is Weak Security In WiFi On iPhone?

The upgrade from iOS 13 to this most current version is the most significant since the initial launch for Apple’s mobile devices, which is shocking. Since the upgrade to iOS 14, many users have reported seeing a message on their iPhone that states their WiFi is not secure “weak security.”

That answers your question of What Does Weak Security Mean On WiFiEven though your iPhone shows the message about weak WiFi security, it does not have anything to do with the security settings on your iPhone.

You now understand What Does Weak Security Mean On WiFi and what poor WiFi security entails. The problem is with your router since iOS will likely show you this notice because your network’s security settings get set to WPA2 or WPA3. So, take a deep breath, and don’t be alarmed if you see that warning on your iPhone or iPad’s screen.

Methods To Fix Weak Security Warnings

It’s crucial to ensure that your network is secure because weak wireless networks are at risk nowadays. For example, the security warning that is not as strong on your iPhone is due to the security issues of the access point.

The only way to correct this issue is to modify your router’s settings to use the safest standard available. Continue reading, and we’ll walk you through the steps you can follow to fix weak security WiFi to make sure that your router and, in turn, all devices connected to the internet are secure.

Switch Your Security Settings

Step 1

Try to connect to your router using one of the IP addresses, one by one or using hostname:; ; ; ; ;

Step 2

When you arrive at the Router administrator page, type in your user name and password to sign in to your account. It’s located on the bottom of your router, assuming that you’ve not changed anything.

Step 3

After you have logged in to your router’s settings, you can find the security settings of your router by going into Advanced Settings > Wireless>Security Settings

Step 4

Finally, switch the Security settings and modify them from WPA/WPA2 with TCP encryption to WPA2 using AES encryption. You can also choose WPA3 depending on whether the router you use supports this. Finally, click Apply to store your settings.

Keep in mind to choose the WPA2 only, not the WPA/WPA2 combined option. Additionally, you may have to switch this option for both your network’s 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz bands if they are available. After you save your settings and then connect with the WiFi network, the message should disappear. If it does not, press “Forget the Network’. Then, reconnect to the network again.

Routinely Update The Firmware

It is essential to make sure that your router is running the latest firmware updates. It’s easy to do this yourself, as this solution does not require an experienced tech expert. Let’s have a look.

Step 1

Once again, log into the router’s settings dashboard using a web browser, as explained above. It is also possible to consult the instruction manual if you have kept it secure until this point.

Step 2

There is the option to adjust your firmware which is likely to be located on the right-hand side. Make sure to update and check for the most current firmware version when there is one available.

Step 3

Restart your router following the installation of an update. Repeat this procedure at least every 3 to 6 months. You may also contact us and inquire with a customer service representative regarding an update.

Step 4

After you have changed your router’s settings, you may need to forget the network on your device to make sure that you are using the latest settings utilized when you reconnect to the network.

Also, make sure to set a unique username and password for your WiFi router, including words that are not logical. It has added special characters and numbers since the issue with an insecure username and password is that anyone within reach of your router can access it and alter its settings, making it accessible to outsiders.

In addition, the device reaches the end of its working life as soon as the manufacturers stop releasing firmware updates. Therefore, upgrading your router every four or five years is recommended to secure yourself from future cyber extortions.

Final Words

To summarize, the most important takeaway is that if you get a “weak security” warning, don’t panic. Weak WiFi security makes your payment methods and location services susceptible to an alarming level. It may be possible to repair the problem by changing the security settings on your network. But If your router does not support sophisticated security protocols like WPA2 or WPA3, it may be time to upgrade.


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