The PS4 controller gets intended to charge while plugged in through USB and may be used wirelessly or connected with your PlayStation 4. When you connect your PS4 controller to the charging cord, the indicator on its front does not bring to light? So you might be thinking about Why Won’t My PS4 Controller Charge?

There might be numerous reasons why the PS4 controller isn’t charging. And the causes might range from simple, such as cable troubles or dust, to severe. Because all gadgets have some form of difficulty, these faults might have a variety of primary causes.

It is, however, a common problem, which implies that there are common remedies. We’ll go through a few answers to help you figure out why the PS4 controller isn’t charging in this solution.

Why Won’t My PS4 Controller Charge? – Causes

Thoughts might cross your mind, such as why won’t my PS4 controller charge? When you first get a new PS4, the controller works perfectly for a time. Then it stops operating and charging one day.

If your PS4 controller is not charging, several possible issues can get explored. Essentially, you’re dealing either with physical or software problems. Here’s a basic rundown of the problems:

Software problem

The battery charger for the PS4 isn’t any different than the charging wire for your smartphone, which frequently stops working or becomes damaged with time. It could become damaged and hence cease to conduct current.

Similarly, the cable might be defective, as wires degrade with time. Furthermore, specific third-party cables get not designed for charging.

Error state

The PS4 controller could be in a condition of malfunction, rendering its compensating mechanism ineffective. This problem gets frequently resolved by doing a PS4 cache reset on the controller.

Charging port issues

Your PS4 controller’s charging port is malfunctioning or damaged. It is why, when the charging connection is attached to the system, the controller doesn’t charge. The port may be physically damaged or clogged by debris. Cleaning out or just replacing the port are possible fixes.

Hardware issues

Your PS4 controller’s charging port is malfunctioning or damaged. It is why, when the charging connection is attached to the system, the controller doesn’t charge.

Batteries are dead

The batteries have a pretty standard lifespan and will need to be changed eventually. The first and most typical issue has been that the batteries have been overworked and expired.

So make this your priority before completing any other tasks. Each battery pack has a capacity and a lifespan. It might be a problem if you haven’t even replaced your batteries.

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How To Fix A PS4 Controller That Is Not Charging?

If your PS4 controller is dead and won’t charge, try each of the troubleshooting procedures below to get it working again.


In most cases, you’re not charging PS4 controller seems to be the result of a faulty controller. We suggest resetting your PS4 controller as a first step. When you reset the PS4 controller, the connectivity between the controller and the system gets refreshed—this quick and straightforward troubleshooting solution for PS4 connection (pairing) and charging issues.

  • Turn off the PS4 altogether.
  • The reset button gets positioned in a tiny hole around the L2 shoulder button on the back of the PS4 controller. Push the button with a pin, an unfurled paper clip, or anything similar, and keep it down for a few seconds. Then let go of the button.
  • Connect your PS4 controller to the console. Then turn on your PS4, and the controller then connects to the PS4 console.

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Charging With Different Device

There is a possibility for” why won’t my PS4 controller charge” when the charger triggers the issue. If this is the case, the only solution is to connect to another power source. The power source can be like a laptop, phone, or computer that can provide enough power to charge your PS4 controller through a charging cable.

Inspect and Clean

Inspect and clean your controller’s charging port. Clear up the charging port with bottled air or an electric blower, then inspect the interior with a flashlight. If you detect any dirt or the controller still won’t charge, clean it with a small thing such as a toothpick.

Power Cycling

The state of the PS4 is another error that might cause your controllers to lose their electrocuting characteristics or not charge at all. If the console itself cannot repair the flaws, this might be the cause of your PS4 acting strangely.

Power cycling is the procedure of emptying all of an appliance’s charges. It is a way for diagnosing any gadget that requires charging and the PS4 controller. To begin troubleshooting the controller, switch off your controller and PS4 and remove the console’s power line from the socket.

Wait around 10 minutes, then push and hold the controller’s power button for about thirty seconds to empty the charge. After that, reconnect the console to the socket and turn it on to check whether the problem persists.

Replace the Batteries

If you’ve tried all of the alternatives listed above, but your controller still won’t charge, don’t give up. Make sure to attempt this final yet helpful solution. PS4 batteries have a life cycle, after which they begin to display unusual behavior and finally go out.

But, If you use your PS4 controller for an extended amount of time. In that case, the batteries may lose their charge and expire due to repeated recharging. So try replacing the PS4 batteries to see if it works.

Disassemble the controller, unhook the rechargeable battery from the primary circuit, and replace it with the new battery.

Final Thought

To sum up, If none of the preceding alternatives works, you can presume that the controller has a hardware problem. Contact Sony Support, specifically if the PS4 controller is already under warranty, as you may be eligible for a free new PS4 controller. Otherwise, you may get forced to purchase a new one.


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