Why Is My Ps4 So Loud? Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Why Is My Ps4 So Loud

Why is my PS4 so loud? You might wonder if your PlayStation 4 system sounds like a turbojet. PS4 noises are prevalent. Some of these noises indicate a problem with your PlayStation 4 system. You’ll never be able to make it whisper-quiet, not with today’s enormous, resource-heavy games. However, there are a few things you may do to deal with the noise. This comprehensive tutorial will explain the exact causes of the PS4’s noisy fan and resolve the noise issue.

Why Is My Ps4 So Loud?

Imagine yourself all pumped up to play your game. You have the game controller in your hands. Suddenly, your PS4 console generates noise. The volume of the sound keeps rising; This can be very annoying. Although PlayStation 4 is one of the most powerful gaming systems of all time, it will indeed become noisy despite its excellent technological design.

 The most important thing to do if your console makes a lot of noise is to figure out what’s causing it. Once you’ve determined where most of the noise is coming from, you can address the issue. So why is my PS4 so loud? Here are some of the most common reasons:

Software Bug

If your PS4 starts making loud fan noises, it could be due to an internal CPU bug resulting in the fans being so loud.

Solution: Try restarting or turning off the console to see if it resets itself and the fan noise returns to normal.

Please remember to not remove the plug socket from the mains power without first restarting your PS4, as this can corrupt your PS4 or game files, which you don’t want!

Less Space Around Ps4

One thing to bear in mind is that the quicker a fan rotates, the louder it becomes. The PS4’s cooling fan get designed to reduce the temperature of its internal parts. The heat may get deflected if the console is too close to a wall or door.

Solution: Give your PS4 Pro as much breathing space as possible. Move everything that is on or near your PS4 system. Make sure that your console has at least a couple of inches of clearance on both sides.

Dust Getting Inside

Another way to answer why is my PS4 so loud is dust. It is one of the primary causes. The fans on your PS4 react to the temperature of its chipset. When the temperature rises, the fans begin to spin faster. Dusting may be the most frustrating task, but it is still something you should do regularly.

Solution: The most effective approach to resolving this problem is keeping your PS4  as clean as possible. Wipe down the outside of the casing at regular intervals, and use compressed air to reach hard-to-reach areas. You may also acquire a dust cover for your console, but don’t forget to take it off before turning it on.

Failing Hard drive

Another significant source of noise on a PS4 is the hard disc. The PS4 gets set to install all game data to your hard drive to save wear and tear on the disc drive. Because the platters are constantly spinning to seek data, during your initial game installation, you will most likely only hear noise during game installs. This noise indicates that the hard drive is failing and must be dealt with quickly.

Solution: The typical levels of sound hard disks produce should not be loud enough to be a concern. But if your PS4 is making a lot of noise. You have no choice except to replace it as soon as possible.

Faulty System Files

If your PS4 console’s database and system files are damaged, the fan may spin rapidly to cool down the device and keep its different functions running. Overheating can also happen if the games get not correctly installed, resulting in system faults overheating.

Solution: You can locate the file and remove it with these easy steps:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the “System Storage Management” menu and choose “Saved Data.”
  3. Navigate to the “Media Player” subfolder. You’ll find a “corrupt data” file in the folder. Select the “Options” button on the controller.
  4. Click “Delete” to delete the corrupted file from your disc.

PS4 That Is Broken Or Old

If you’ve tried everything and your PS4’s fan still sounds like a jet taking off, your console may be old. With time, parts of your old or broken PS4 may become loose and separated. The most commonly damaged components are fans and motherboards. Some functionalities may also cease to work altogether due to heavy wear and tear over time. So keep this in mind while you go through these troubleshooting procedures.

Apply Thermal Paste

Using a thermal paste should only be used as a last option. It will provide spectacular results, but be aware that opening your PS4 will destroy any valid warranty on your system and will necessitate the use of a particular set of tools. Going at it with a Phillips screwdriver isn’t going to get you very far.

But many people have confirmed that replacing the thermal paste always works. It not only decreases noise but also improves the device’s performance.

Final Thoughts

The issue of loud fan sound has riddled the console gaming market since games started to become more GPU-demanding. Fixing the PS4 loud sound issue may initially appear challenging, but it’s easy with the proper knowledge and skills. All you need to do is look inside the PS4 to see if it’s clean. If you clean it and the noise continues, try to keep the internal hard drive running. If, despite your efforts, you are still experiencing problems, be sure to get your PS4 checked by technicians, who should make your PS4 quieter.


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