The thrills and spills of watching football are never gonna end for a football aficionado. Every fan’s dream of suggesting the players and substitutes has come true as of Yahoo’s fantasy football. How to finalize the team list in Yahoo fantasy football? If you are new to this virtual experience, you should have faced this question. All you have to do to find the answer is scroll down!

Yahoo, the company that worked on virtual football management for 15 years, introduced their first mobile app for fantasy football in 2008. Initially, the app allowed users to select teams depending on the news they received about the injured players. 2011 this virtual service was broadened, and the users were provided with the opportunity to access via a smartphone, television, tablets, and the official website. Recently Yahoo has added some updates letting the users make the order of the teams, chat with others and view the results. 

How to Finalize Team List in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, the users can select the teams, pick the players, add any changes and earn points. The real players you selected will earn you fantasy points. Then the winner is selected from a league as per the total sum of the points at the end of the game. If you lose to another player, your ratings will decrease and vice versa. If the player you defeat has a high-rated profile, your ratings will increase by a huge fraction. 

How to finalize the team list in Yahoo fantasy football? It would be better if you had a clear understanding of this fact before starting the play to avoid low ratings and be at the top of the rankings. Do follow these simple steps!

  • First, go to Fantasy and select a game there.
  • Then go to the commissioner tab.
  • After that, select Draft & keepers
  • Now you have to proceed with the finalize team list. Finally, click on Finalize team.

Additionally, there is an option to unlock your lists. If you open this lock, the changes will be saved whenever you go up and down with different players and change positions. If you want to arrange your lists to save the changes, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to Fantasy. Select the game you are engaged in.
  • Now you have to move to the commissioner tab.
  • From the options there, you need to pick up the Draft & keepers.
  • Next, go with the command, finalize team list.
  • Double-click on unlock teams, and you are done! 

Can you Leave a Yahoo Fantasy Football League?

After you join the Pro league, you can’t leave it. But here, you have got an option to delete your team 72 hours prior to the scheduled time. Then only you will receive a refund. But this is not applicable if you exceed the prior 72 hours rule and have come closer to the game. This has been clearly verified on the official website of Yahoo. 

How do I Delete My Yahoo Fantasy League?

  • On the home page, you will be displayed the leagues. You can select the league that you need to delete.
  • You will see sport tab at the top of the interface. Click it.
  • Then go for the league icon and click on that. 
  • Then you have to select the tools option.
  • You need to choose the delete league from the list in League management.

Can you Delete Teams from a Fantasy League?

  • You will see the league setup to your left of the screen. 
  • Select general option. 
  • There you should go with the teams and managers.
  • You will be directed to the manage teams.
  • Now you can click on the pen icon that will be displayed on the right side of a team and delete the relevant team. 

How Late Can you Switch Players in Fantasy Football?

When the first game of the week starts its scoring, the roster will be locked, making no excuse for a switch. Until then, the managers can shuffle their teams. Usually, the changes are done by referring to the first game played during the week. 

How to Pick your Draft Order in Fantasy Football??

The popular method is the reverse version of the last year’s matches. Sometimes they use the computer selection that takes place one hour before the game starts. But some leagues also try some fun games to determine the order. 

Can I Edit My Fantasy Football Team?

You can change the team if you want until the deadline of the next game. These changes are free to process. 

How are Yahoo Fantasy Football Standings Determined?

Fantasy points are received from the games of the previous week. When no more weeks are left in the backward matchup, a coin will be flipped to determine the scores. 

Can Yahoo Commissioner Edit Rosters?

Yes, the commissioners can change the ques. A commissioner has the option to manage other teams. After that, you will need to proceed with the Edit roster.

How do you Edit Teams in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

  • When you are in Yahoo fantasy, select the sport with the Fantasy button. 
  • You will see your current name. Click on it.
  • Find the team logo. The settings will be there on the left side of the team logo. 
  • Now you will be displayed with the information sheet to add your data. You can’t change the name of the team and logo of the team etc.
  • So, Now finally, don’t forget to click on the save changes button.

Can you Transfer a Fantasy Team to Someone Else?

  • Select the sport from Fantasy.
  • The transfer could be done through the commissioner. Go to the commissioner tab.
  • There it will be displayed the manage other teams option. 
  • There you need to process with the Transfer teams command. 
  • Select your team to hand over to a new manager.
    Then enter the email address of the new owner. Remember you want to enter it in front of the relevant name.
  • Finally, end the transfer by clicking on send.


If you are a new Yahoo fantasy football team manager, this article will clarify your issues with finalizing the list, along with some other essential information explained briefly. 

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