How To Know If Someone’s Phone Is Dead? Or Are They Ignoring You?

how to know if someone's phone is dead

While attempting to get in touch with somebody, there will be instances when you’re unsure whether their phone has been off or if they’re avoiding the calls. It’s not always simple to tell if someone’s mobile is dead. For a reason, it’s crucial to understand how to know if someone’s phone is dead.

What could be more annoying than attempting to contact someone to discover that their cell phone is dead or gone off? We’re forth to assist, so don’t panic if you do not realize how to know if someone’s phone is dead.

What Is The Importance of knowing If Someone’s Phone Is Dead?

Naturally, it might be alarming; make you think that someone’s cell phone is off if they don’t take your calls or if the calls don’t reach you. One would receive the user’s voicemail when your contact a dead phone.

However, receiving voicemail doesn’t always indicate that the smartphone is dead. It can imply that the device’s owner has blocked the contact or is purposefully avoiding the call. Since the same indication might signify a range of things, one must never presume that someone whose cell phone seems to be off is attempting to reach someone.

How To Know If Someone’s Phone Is Dead?

Attempt to phone the individual as the first move. When somebody’s cell phone is dead, but you’re attempting to reach there, you’ll commonly find that call sounds just once and goes straight towards the voicemail.

You can also notice some not reaching signal if the device is off or dead. Whenever you start to call somebody, but the telephone is dead, many carriers automatically use the not-reachable ringtone. You could also hear the noise ringing once, and it’s quite normal, before the not reachable sound. A buzzing noise will let you know if you seek to phone them.

Based upon that user’s service provider, one can receive an SMS informing you that someone can’t be reached. So, when a person’s phone is turned up, you can later receive notifications from other carriers.

Instead of listening to the not-available sound, you might be alerted with an automated message immediately. You may be able to determine from any of these notifications that the person whose phone you are attempting to call has died.

Users could also use it to determine whether someone’s phone is dead; if they know how much longer it takes for texts and emails to transmit between two phones. There’s a strong probability their smartphone isn’t getting service if you text someone, but it requires longer than the standard for text to arrive.

Try contacting that line out of a different device when you’re unsure whether the device you’re contacting is dead, switched off, or even if the contact is blocked. You can be certain that the phone is blocked if it gets over. If not, the device has to be either dead or turned off.

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Why The receiver Not Getting My Phone Call?

You can tell when someone’s telephone is off by various sounds you hear during a phone conversation.

The number has been blocked

You won’t be able to get access to communications with someone that has banned your phone since the call usually rings once and then goes to voicemail. Whenever you contact someone who has blocked your phone, a recording will be left for you.

Sending them a message if you and that individual you were messaging have iPhones. Your SMS message would never show as received if someone banned you.

The phone is switched off

One would get somebody’s voice message when you call them while their telephone is off. Your call will often ring once before you are given the option to record a voicemail if the telephone is off, has no coverage, or is otherwise difficult to reach. Additionally, if you message them, they won’t receive it until they switch on their device again. 

The phone is dead

Voicemail would be left on such a dead phone. Your phone may be dead, switched off, or banned as a result, according to this.

Deactivated phone number

One will hear an automatic message informing you that the phone you have called is no longer usable if you attempt to contact a dormant cell phone number. Additionally, you will receive a notification stating that the mobile number isn’t any longer operational; if the telephone line has already been discontinued.

There Is No Service

It may also indicate that a person has no service if their phone only calls once before going to voicemail. This could appear that their device is now off when there is no coverage since a phone without service cannot access its operator and communicate with it.

Mode of “Do Not Disturb”

Whether they have their cell phone set to Do Not Disturb, users will also get the same sound as when the device is dead. It will appear as though the cell phone is inactive whenever we try to call people. However, if you try to contact them again on Android, your contact will be successful.

An additional feature that occurs whenever anyone uses Do Not Disturb would be that no alerts appear on display or drop from the status bar even if they are utilizing the device. Therefore, if we try to text someone and assume that the device could be dead since they don’t reply; they may be simply running Do Not Disturb.

The device is set to flight mode

Whenever you try to contact or text someone whose smartphone is in Flight mode, it will appear as though their device is off. No matter if the person’s cell phone is off, dead, or just in Flight mode, if you contact them, their phone won’t ring.

How could you tell whenever a call is being ignored?

The number of times one hears before the call is made to voice message is the strongest indicator of whether someone is rejecting phone calls. Callers who reject your contact won’t get a notice or other response. However, the call was probably rejected if you hear either or two rings.


The same signals and sequences might signify multiple things. Thus, there is no real way to tell if somebody’s cell phone is dead; merely by hearing what they receive whenever you contact them. 

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