You leave home wearing your AirPods and forgot to bring the case. You are now unsure of how to connect AirPods without case. What if someone informed you that you can still activate, pair, and utilize the AirPods even when they are not in their carry case? This post will show you how to connect AirPods without case within a few simple steps.

As you may have been aware, one pair of AirPods is in a stylish case with AirPods inside. Some may not have been aware that pairing the AirPods using the iOS device is feasible even if the case isn’t there. You may start to question how it is even possible.

Let’s discuss it in further depth.

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The Complete Guide To AirPods

Users of Phones choose AirPods as their audio interface device. They have Bluetooth Technology connectivity that connects them to the gadget. The iOS device is fashionable and practical because of its wireless connectivity. Because of this, consumers look for methods of connecting AirPods without needing a case.

In 2016, Apple unveiled the initial version of the AirPods. Following those came apple AirPods of the second generation around early 2019 and the AirPods Pro during the latter half of that year. The third-generation AirPods were made available throughout the autumn of 2021. Furthermore, offered are Airpods Pro. 

All AirPods versions always have two main aspects: they are wireless earphones and need a recharging case to work correctly.

Bluetooth standards included in the AirPods allow for connection. Just one AirPods has the Bluetooth codes necessary for communication between the case and the contained pods.

Uses Of AirPods Case

How To Connect AirPods Without A Case?

This case lacks Bluetooth functionality and does not affect how linked the AirPods remain. Using it allows for wireless charging of the Earbuds. Place the pods inside. It fulfills their need for a power source.

These AirPods are packaged in a stylish container that serves these primary purposes.

1. Making use of the setup option – By pressing this button, users may manually pair the AirPods to that of an Android smartphone or other non-iOS gadget and restore them.

2. Connection by default – The AirPods cover connects the AirPods directly to formerly connected iOS devices once unlocked. Pulling off the AirPods & starting to move about is easy if you already have the case.

3. Charging – This AirPods case contains a recharging connector and can store a few more multiple charges; then, you may recharge them while you’re out and about.

4. AirPods condition is being checked – The flashing indicator on their casing may determine your AirPods’ state. 

5. Holding and shielding your AirPods – Your earphones are protected from destruction from the outside world, which is the most justified of everyone, just why the carrying case explaining the AirPods has become so important.

In addition, the AirPods’ casing plays no part in how they are used.

The case’s primary purpose is to recharge the AirPods whenever their battery gets low. You might be unable to usually charge them since there is no case in this instance. The case is required in addition to that to pair the AirPods with the smartphone initially. Only the first pairing step requires it. Then, even without the cover, you may link them to the very same gadget.

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What Do The Colors Inside An AirPods Case Mean?

What the hues on the AirPods case mean, for anyone who is not experienced, is as follows.

1. Green – Your AirPods cover or headphones have been powered up whenever the LED on them goes green.

2. Orange – Whenever the case or even the AirPods recharges, the AirPods cover will flash orange.

3. A white flash – It may be associated with a Bluetooth device whenever this hue shows upon that casing.

4. Amber that flashes – You must address the problem if it exists with the AirPods or AirPods Pro. There is a chance that your airpods might occasionally have problems when you contact using Textnow.

How Long Does AirPods Battery Last?

Knowing how long the battery will last, the AirPods could help you preserve power if you forget the cover yet still want to use them. You can see the remaining battery life of the earphones on a smartphone while using AirPods, which is a plus.

That’s only feasible if the AirPods were tucked away within the charging dock and placed close to the gadget. Without the need for a case, the overall battery capacity of each of the several AirPod models varies.

 The Below Table Compares Battery Life Across AirPods Generations 

AirPods Model

Maximum Listening Time Maximum Talk Time
1st generation 20 hours 16 hours
2nd Generation 24 hours 18 hours
3rd Generation 30 hours 20 hours
AirPods Pro 24 hours 18 hours
AirPods Max 20 hours 16 hours


Battery capacity likewise appears to be getting longer for each new version Apple releases. Nevertheless, like with other electrical devices, the optimum battery capacity of AirPods would gradually diminish when you’re using it. You could ultimately require new batteries as a result of this terrible inevitability.

Connecting AirPods Using The Case

Only after AirPods were housed in the cover they could be put into pairing function. This case is necessary if you wish to link AirPods with a gadget you haven’t used before. In this case, it is unnecessary to link and access sound if you have previously connected the AirPods with a device.

It is improbable that the AirPods cover is at blame if you have connection problems. Although it is crucial for the first pairing of an AirPods well with a smartphone, the cover has no effect once a link is established.

Static sounds, cracking, or the sound just cut off randomly are signs of a bad connection between the AirPods and the originating equipment. This may not be very pleasant, particularly whether you’re attempting to use your AirPods to conduct a phone call.

The quickest fix is disconnecting the AirPods from the gadget and reuniting them again. It is hoped that this would eliminate any issues that already have harmed the Wireless link between different devices. When removing the AirPods and then connecting it with your iPhone again does not resolve the problem, you might need to bring it to an Apple service center to have an expert assessment about what is affecting it.

Set Up Button

One’s Airpods may be refreshed, manually connected Wirelessly to an Android smartphone, and reconnected to that of an Apple product using the key upon the rear of an Airpods cover.

What To Do When AirPods Case Has Been Misplaced Or Damaged?

You may purchase a new case from Apple Store if you wouldn’t have the original or have misplaced it someplace. Alternative reputable sites like Amazon or eBay are where you may purchase an alternative substitute immediately.

Any case will work for pairing and setting up AirPods. Ensure that the versions are the same. For instance, any AirPod Pro can only be charged inside a case containing one AirPod Pro.

How To Pair AirPods With A Phone?

How To Connect AirPods Without Case

Following are the instructions for connecting the AirPods to any phone.

1. If AirPods were not on the cover, put them back inside.

2. Remove the lid and examine the condition lights.

3. The setup key should now be pressed and held.

4. Your status indicator will initially flicker amber, then switch to white after a brief interval.

5. Return to your cellphone then and choose the start screen.

6. Put the cover next to the smartphone while retaining the AirPods inside.

7. Shortly, instantly, a setup image will appear. Click Connect, and click Done.

Use these steps if you’ve already linked your device.

1. Open the setting and enable Bluetooth.

2. Remove the AirPods from their pouch and place them close to the smartphone.

3. For another few moments, push and keep the setup button upon that case’s rear, then watch for such white light to flash.

4. At this point, you can connect your AirPods with the gadget.

How Do I Forget My AirPods On My Device Or Reset Them?

This is how to erase or delete the AirPods on any phone at a time you wouldn’t need. 

1. Place the AirPods within the charging dock, and snap the cover shut.

2. After waiting thirty seconds, remove the recharging case’s cover.

3. Open the Settings menu on the smartphone.

4. Navigate towards the Bluetooth section of the settings menu, then press the more details icon next to the AirPods inside the list of options.

5. Press Forget This Device in a browser tab and click it once again to verify.

Is It Possible To Connect Airpods Without A Case?

AirPods without a case can be connected. Many people are unaware that AirPods may be paired and used without a case. It may be a very frustrating scenario when you find yourself without the need for a cover for your AirPods and need to use them for connection to the iPhone. But in practice, it’s pretty easy. It’s not hard to link AirPods without needing a cover.

How To Connect AirPods Without Case

How To Connect AirPods Without Case?

Using the cover to link the AirPods with previously linked devices is unnecessary if you’ve already connected them using smartphones. Are you interested in learning how to connect AirPods without case? There seems to be a straightforward method you may employ in the situation.

Apple Product And AirPods

We’ll take advantage of such SharePlay functions on smartphones that accomplish our goal. 

A newer version of Facetime is called SharePlay. During video conferencing, users can multitask. During video conferencing, you may concurrently play music, television shows, films, exercise videos, and entertainment. The functionality may be used for other things as well, though. 

Any caseless AirPods may also be connected with the help of this service. Users wouldn’t need to be concerned over whether or not the function is available on the smartphone. Every Apple device already has it pre-installed.

Such an approach can be used if you’ve already linked your AirPods and wish to do that again without needing a cover.

1. Navigate to the Control Center – Log into any iPhone and launch Control Center. If you have an older smartphone, push up towards the bottom of the display to do this. Slide downward from the top-right corner on iPhone X and subsequent models.

2. Select Audio Card – Next, hold down your Audio Card button while pressing it. It may be accessed from the Control Center’s upper corner.

3. Tap the Airplay button – When you touch the AirPlay symbol, it enlarges towards its clear view position. By doing so, the Audio Card would be opened in larger display mode. Click the AirPlay button.

4. Pick your Airpods – You may view a list of gadgets that are AirPlay connected to the iPhone in this section. While in the listing of Devices joined that are accessible, select AirPods. After the AirPods plus mobile device have paired, you may use these immediately.

Android Smartphone And AirPods.

If you’ve already linked the AirPods with just an Android phone, anyone can do so even if the rechargeable battery isn’t present. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Access Settings.

2. Access Bluetooth.

3. Position the AirPods next to your smartphone.

4. Pick the AirPods first from the listing of associated Bluetooth headphones.

You won’t be capable of connecting the AirPods, though, if they aren’t listed among the Bluetooth headphones. The AirPods may not have enough power consumption, or you may not have previously paired devices if they don’t appear inside the listing. 


The AirPods case’s primary function is obviously to recharge the headphones. In addition, it is essential to the preliminary pairing procedure. AirPods, without needing a cover, can then be connected to a smartphone afterward.

This tutorial’s key point is that users do not necessarily need to have the AirPods cover to use an iPhone with their headphones anytime they wish to use it. But you mustn’t misplace the cover since you need it to link your gadget for the first occasion. It is necessary for recharging. Only one choice you have if you do misplace it will be to purchase a new one.

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