You may have several clips of an incident shot in rapid succession. Or a few stunning landscape films captured using your iPhone camera, and You might be thinking, “How to combine videos on iPhone. With so many apps available, video editing on your smartphone is no longer a difficult task.

Combining Videos On iPhone

The camera is one of the many beautiful features that an iPhone offers. The camera on the iPhone is one of the best globally, and it can even compete with professional DSLRs. An iPhone isn’t simply a camera; it’s also a powerful editing tool. For example, if you have two different video files and wish to merge them, you may do so immediately on your iPhone. You do not need to copy your video files to your computer to edit them. So, keep reading to learn how to mix two videos on your iPhone.

What Is The Best Way To Combine Videos On An iPhone?

A wide range of editing tools is available that allow you to merge videos. Even the iPhone’s iMovie application has a built-in video merging. However, the iPhone’s iMovie app will enable you to mix two videos. In this article, we looked at both native and third-party video editing programs.

How To Combine Videos On iPhone Using The iMovie app?

If you already have Apple’s iMovie app installed and wish to make simple video modifications, you can use it to combine films. The most significant benefit of iMovie is that it is compatible with all many iOS platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • On your iPhone, open the iMovie app.  Press “+” on the iMovie app’s homepage to start a new project. iMovie will then provide you with a message.
  • To combine various video segments, choose “Movie.”  Then, at the bottom of the app screen, Tap “Create Movie.”
  • To import your videos, tap “Tap + to add video, pictures, or audio.” From the VIDEOS & PHOTOS category, choose “Video.”
  • Then touch on the movie you wish to import, select it, and press the “+” icon on the button.
  • Now, add another video that you want to combine into a single clip and touch “+” once more.  You can apply gorgeous transition styles to your films if you wish.
  • When you’ve done merging your videos, press the “Done” button. Finally, to save or share the video, click the share icon.

If you’re new to video editing, the iMovie software is a great place to start. Cropping, resizing, and rotating your changes are all possible with this program. You may also add audio to your iPhone.

Use Videoshop to combine videos on iPhone

Videoshop is another excellent video editing app, and it’s the next app on the list to mix video clips. This app offers it everything, from video editing and cropping to sound effects, voice recording, and enlarging the video frame, to name a few features. Here’s How to combine videos on iPhone using the Videoshop app.

  • Open the app and press the Plus symbol to begin uploading your videos.
  • You can now select from the menus above the videos. You can choose from various settings or editing choices, such as adding a transition, inputting text, changing the tempo, adding an audio track, and so on. Press the “Next” button when finished.
  • Then, if you want, add the title of the video, the creator, the location, and the date. You may also use filters and themes to personalize your videos. When you’re finished merging videos on your iPhone, store the file.

How To Combine Videos On iPhone with Clips App

One of the most underappreciated apps among iOS users is the iPhone Clips app. The Clips app got explicitly created for smartphone video editing. It allows you to choose particular segments of a single clip and move them about the timeline as needed. Learn How to combine videos on iPhone with Clips App

  • Open the Clips app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap “Library” above the camera capture button on the app’s UI. From the camera roll, choose a video clip.
  • Tap and hold the magenta-colored button to play the video and add it to the project. The “recording” will come to an end when you release the button.
  • You may also move around the movie and repeat frames from the same clip by sliding across it. Tap the “Library” icon and select another video to integrate with the clip.
  • To incorporate the new footage into the existing video, use the same steps as before. If you wish to add music, go to the upper right corner, hit the music icon, and select from your library.
  • When you’ve finished combining video clips, touch the share icon in the bottom right corner. From your iPhone’s share sheet, select “Save Video.”

Use The Photos App To Convert Live Photos To Videos  In iOS 13

The Photos app has been updated with some excellent new iOS 13, including mixing multiple Live Photos and saving them as a new video or slideshow.  here’s how to combine Live Photos to video In iOS13:

  • Go to the Photos app and open it.
  • Press the Select button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • After choosing the captured Live Photos, go to the Share option in the lower-left corner of the screen and select Save As Video.

Bottom Line

The explanation of How to combine videos on iPhone comes to a close here. One of the most basic tasks in video editing is combining multiple videos. It’s simple to do on your iPhone, even if you’ve never done it before. You may gradually enhance your video editing skills and go to more advanced editing with today’s software and tools.

 You’ll be putting together montages in no time, thanks to built-in and third-party tools.

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