Do you favor using electronic cigarettes over conventional ones? It makes sense if that’s the case. In recent years, dabbing and e-liquids pens have become more trendy than traditional smoking. Conventional pens can get replaced with vape pens to avoid using cannabis. Batteries power this electrical equipment. The liquefied nicotinic or other flavor gets heated by the batteries and converted to vapor. The type you choose will influence how you recharge your vaping pen. The recharging device accompanying them may get used to fill most of these vaping products. However, what if you misplace the charger for your vaping device? So how to charge a pen without a charger? 

This guide will explore every option or approach for charging your vaping. These techniques will benefit you if you’ve misplaced your charging or don’t have it with you.

Quick Summary: You can still charge your vaping pen without a charger in several ways. You could utilize an auxiliary charging system, your smartphone’s charger, or an external power bank. You can connect your vaping device to your pc or notebook or swap out the battery cells in your vaping pen if you’d like. And if nothing else works or there is no practical alternative, you could undoubtedly make your own customized vaping pen charger.

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Among both teenage and elderly individuals, vaping is relatively common. It serves as a tobacco-free substitute for traditional cigarettes. A vaping pen is an electrical gadget that uses batteries to absorb nicotine, flavorings, and other substances. Except for consumable vaporizers, practically every vaporizer you purchase includes a charger. So you can replenish the battery whenever it runs out.

Batteries deplete over time, as everyone who possesses a smartphone, laptop, or other electrical gadget is aware. Promise us you’ve never felt nervous when your smartphone hits 30% battery, and the nighttime still seems to be early. Keeping them charged may also be troublesome. However, we’re confident you’ll choose the DIY alternative if you enjoy DIY tasks. It’s very significant to build your customized vaping pen charger. It’s also fine if you opt not to develop anything independently. Let’s look at how to charge a pen without a charger.

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger – All You Need To Know

Therefore we’ve put up a handful of charging options for you. So you can test in the spirit of all the unfortunate vaporizers out there.

  • Phone Charger

You’re fortunate if your vaporizer has a micro-USB connecting port, which many of them do. Micro-USB adapters are widely accessible, and most individuals have at least one lounging around the residence. The charger would work well even though it wasn’t created expressly for charging vapes. The unfortunate fact is that many rechargeable vaping devices lack micro-USB charging connectors.

Usually, box modifications do contain an integrated micro-USB charging connector. However, several rechargeable vaping devices, like the JUUL, have a unique charging connector incompatible with micro-USB chargers. In a similar vein, not every smartphone charger you could be able to find includes micro-USB charging. Micro-USB connections were the norm for charging smartphones ten years ago. However, several modern cellphone devices include additional charging connectors, like USB-C for several recent Android devices and lightning connectors for iPhones.

Note: But, if you manage to have a micro-USB smartphone charger and a vaporizer with a micro-USB powering connector. Charging your vaporizer with a smartphone charger is a straightforward procedure.

  • Power bank

Charging mobile devices is made possible by external power banks. They function as a sizable battery on their own, and the recharging connectors that come with them let you attach them to various gadgets. Embedding your vaporizer into an external power bank might work. Because one of those cords is a micro-USB connector, your vaporizer has a micro-USB recharging connector.

However, suppose your handheld power source doesn’t appear to power your vaporizer whenever you connect it. In that case, the power source may have run out of juice. Handheld power banks ultimately run out of juice and must be replenished. Some other costly versions, but not all, will let you know how much capacity the power lender still needs to provide.

  • Desktop Or Laptop

You won’t be capable of charging your vaporizer utilizing a conventional electricity socket if you possess the correct power cord. But you have lost the brick it attaches to. However, for how to charge a pen without a charger, you could still recharge it by connecting the cable to any gadget with a USB connection.

With the proper power cord, all USB ports on computers, home computers, and game consoles are fully equipped to charge any vaporizer. Remember that if you use a notebook that isn’t connected, charge your vaporizer this way. The battery capacity of your laptop would deplete a bit more rapidly.

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger

  • External Battery Charge

Batteries in recharging vaping devices, like JUULs, are permanently linked to the device’s inner parts and cannot be taken out. An auxiliary battery adapter won’t help you at all with these gadgets. But, most box mods use readily accessible AA batteries as power sources. You can utilize an auxiliary charging system to replenish the batteries in your vaporizer as your mod gets set up with recharging batteries. And which the most mods would have out of the boxes.

In reality, it could prolong the battery’s life, so an auxiliary battery charger gets advised when refilling a mod’s batteries. You may purchase an additional battery adapter, assuming you do not, however, already possess one. The majority of vaping shops would stock this item. However, because extra battery chargers aren’t designed specifically for vaping products, you ought to be capable of purchasing them from practically any hardware retailer.

  • Replace Mods Batteries

The use of an auxiliary battery adapter isn’t your only choice if the adapter for a mod that uses detachable batteries gets misplaced. As previously established, many box mods get driven by regular AA batteries. However, several could also use other batteries. In contrast, the cells that your mod gets expected to arrive with are of the recharging form. Non-rechargeable batteries would function equally well if you possess the appropriate kind.

The most cost-effective method is to replace your mod’s batteries whenever they run out, but if you’re in a bind, this will suffice for now. However, please remember if you switch out the battery packs in your module for regular, non-rechargeable ones, reinstalling it into its adapter won’t accomplish anything whatsoever. In light of something like this, it is wise to maintain your mod’s recharging battery cells on board so that you may switch them out whenever you locate your charger.

  • DIY Charger

Be at ease; using this DIY approach won’t require you to have a solid technological background. This DIY solution is an alternative if you possess a charging cord but the incorrect adaptor for charging your smartphone. Depending on the vaping model you select, this DIY may or may not be practical. We’ll demonstrate how to build a homemade charger to power various vaping devices. The initial stages of constructing the DIY charger are identical irrespective of the vaping device you use.

  • Take a USB-powered charger with you. The ideal chargers for this approach are those that use Micro-USB. However, suppose they possess a USB adaptor on the opposing side. In that case, other charging varieties, such as USB-C ones, could also function.
  • Next, gently cut out the charger’s connection end from your smartphone or other gadget utilizing a scissors set or nail cutters.
  • Strip the insulating of the wire’s tip the latter you just sliced. Any sharp tool, including a craft knife, could be used for this.
  • You must remove the insulation to see the red and black wiring. These two may also have their insulation removed with a knife. The copper cable would be visible after extraction, and you’ll require that for your homemade charger.
  • To power a rechargeable vaporizer pen, the JUUL. Place the uncovered copper cable into the base’s exterior opening.
  • After that, gently set your JUUL on a horizontal area and allow it to charge.
  • Keep the vaporizer pen still; alternatively, the wiring may come loose.

This technique may now get used to charging your vaping pen. However, we have to be truthful with you—not it’s worth the trouble. In actuality, it is the least effective of all the approaches we discussed above. However, give this a go if you have to vape.

Bottom Line

So that’s the approach. You can charge a vaping pen without a fee. Whatever sort of battery your vaping pen has, you could charge it using these simple techniques. But exercise with great caution while using any of these techniques. Additionally, avoid leaving your vaporizer charging for a long time. Disconnect your pen after it has finished charging since overcharging causes your battery’s capability to deplete and damage.

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