Where Does Guava Juice Live? Let’s Walk Through His House

Where does Guava Juice live

Fans are the biggest treasure that a YouTuber can earn. Expressing the mere quality within a fan base, fans of Rolanda and Richard from wasabi production show huge interest in their background information. Where does guava juice live is a quiz that they must often wonder about.

Do You Know That?

Some YouTubers earn more than top-ranked celebrities like singers and actors. There is no surprise that YouTubers earn a lot from ads, sponsorships, and by selling items. The transition of millions among the participants has made it a fast-growing industry in the world now. 

Now when we come to our star, Guava juice has a net worth of USD 6-7 Million at present. The love from his fans made him a millionaire when he stepped into his 30 s’. No wonder his channel has got many videos surpassing over 10 million views. His most viewed ones are the bath challenges.

The Net Worth of Guava Juice

As he owns four famous youtube channels, his way to the millionaire goal is so much clear. His main channel is Guava Juice. He also owns a gaming channel named Guava Games. Guava Juice 2 is also one of his. He is the founder of the channel- Guava Juice Podcast.

  1. Guava Juice- 16.9 M subscribers with an estimated $8.8K – $140.5K monthly income
  2. Guava Juice Games- 854 K subscribers and a monthly net worth of $70-$1.1K
  3. Guava Juice 2- Has 3.24 M subscribers offering him an income that lies between $103- $1.7K monthly.
  4. Guava Juice Podcast- 77.4K subscribers that earns him a monthly income of $519-$8.3K

According to Roi Fabito, he once tried to move with nursing and then a computer engineering course before he became a reputed YouTuber. He resembles that your life career that brings luck to your life is not always the one you choose first. 

Where Does Guava Juice Live?

Let’s investigate the main query.

Former residence

Roi Fabito, or else world-known guava juice, has been a resident in Durham, North Carolina since he was two years old. He was born in the Philippines and later migrated to the US as his mother got a job opportunity. Roi’s birthplace is Dagupan City, Pangasinan in Philippines. The content creator himself stated this information in his video, “Draw My Life,” on the guava juice channel.

Present Residence of Guava Juice?

People are curious about where does Guava Juice live as he receives a huge sum from his four YouTube channels monthly. 

Now he lives in Encino, which is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. This countryside area is known as one of the best places in the state of California. He moved to LA in late 2015 when his friend Alex moved there.

The young YouTuber bought the newly built mansion in 2019 for $3.6 Million. This two-storied manor is built on a land of 6200 square feet. It consists of five bedrooms and seven shower rooms. The house is an ideal outcome of modern farmhouse design. It seems that influencers are highly attracted to this kind of living space. This architectural sketch is mind soothing because of its commonly used white and neutral colors combined with a cleaner and modern look.

House Tour of Guava Juice

Let’s walk to his house.

Outdoor Features of Guava Juice’s House

The house owns 41 acres of land with an outdoor kitchen and a pool-spa combo. The garden is also combined with a sports court to play free time games. There is also a spacious expedient bathroom outside.

The sophisticated outlook of the building is brought up by the use of white color and cemented yards.

The outdoor gallery includes a dining space with a fireplace to warm the atmosphere when enjoying an outdoor meal. The use of umbrellas and several chairs makes the backyard more spacious enough for friends and visitors when on special occasions.

Indoor Features of Guava Juice-owned Mansion

The stone water feature that stands like sculptures, the interior decorated with fancy barns, and the slate grey garage door manifest the modern look of his house.

Living Area of Guava Juice-owned Mansion

The living area is garnished with wooden flooring. The use of many windows here gives the estate the latest look. The Ingle in a recent design makes the living area livelier.

Kitchen of Guava Juice-owned Mansion

The smooth polished kitchen is the best attraction in the house. The designers have added huge refrigerators, shiny marble countertops, and many white-themed cabinets to make the kitchen work pleasant and clean. They have also used chandeliers as a way of bringing elegance to this area.

Dining Area of Guava Juice-owned Mansion

Kitchen doors are opened to the dining room. Indoor plants, one large chandelier, and wall-mounted paintings have been used to keep the room calm and welcoming.

Guava juice also has a personal workout space in his mansion, together with a wine cellar.

Master Bedroom and the Closet of Guava Juice-owned Mansion

The master bedroom is placed upstairs. It is evident from the pictures that the bed faces a fireplace. The room also includes a television, a boutique-style closet, and a luxurious bathroom. The designers also have added private office space for guava juice in upstairs.

The vaulted milky color ceiling gives a feel like heaven when combined with the beautiful and uncommon chandelier.

The pictures which are released to the public show the house has use furniture in a way to bring a more sophisticated look to the house. Selecting white and nude colors for the open spaces plays a vital role in modernizing the picture.

The area is decorated with several fancy accessories, paintings, carpets, and indoor suiting plants.

Winding Up

Today Guava Juice has won the hearts of millions of people, and thus it also has become his life career. His current home is a mansion in Los Angeles, which coasted him an amount of $ 3.6 Million. 

The mansion is simply a wonderful place that lies on the side of the latest architecture. As per the interiors and exteriors, you will all agree that his place is worth of money he spent.



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