Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video? Update Guide For Content Creators

Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video

It raises the topic of Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video. Viewers who give a thumbs up or down to indicate their response are essential since it may make you feel better, more energized, or more concerned about the Content.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform, allowing users to instantly share videos with their friends and family. There’s a lot of competition for views with over 15 years of public material, and video analytics is vital for content makers.

Everyone wants their video to be at the top, and the only way to do this is for everyone to like it. However, you may not always get the response you desire, and your videos may earn dislikes or likes. 

Quick Answer: Unfortunately, you will not know who liked your video due to the privacy of individuals who engage on the site. You may look at the video statistics to see who saw your video and what demographic they came from

Continue reading to learn if you can find particular people who liked or disliked your video by reading the rest of the post.

YouTube – Video Sharing Platform

One of the most prominent content types is video, frequently shared on social media. YouTube is a free website that may be a terrific place for teenagers to find new interests.

Many young people use YouTube to view music videos, how-to instructions, recipes, comedy programs, and other types of Content. Examining how libraries use YouTube shows that the site deserves more praise.

People respond favorably to visual signals, and video is an excellent way to capture the mood and physical characteristics of whatever you’re selling.

YouTube is not just the most successful video site globally, but videos are also highly shareable. Consider how frequently you encounter videos in your Facebook Timeline or Twitter feed because videos get favored by Search engines such as Google.

Releasing a video with solid titles, descriptions, and tags is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

Unfortunately, people might encounter harsh remarks and abuse on the site; notably through the comments section or even through others praising you through likes, so you should be aware of this, and it leads you to wonder, Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video

Note: To ensure that viewers and creators have polite interactions. YouTube has stated that the dislike button will be hidden for viewers. It is to make better protect artists from harassment and decrease dislike assaults. While eliminating public dislikes may benefit producers, there is a counter-argument that this is always about helping YouTube increase video views.

Your Video Analytics – Why it’s Crucial

This great platform is where every content producer has an air of confidence. YouTube Insights is a gold mine of helpful information which you can use to enhance your videos and expand your channel.

YouTube’s algorithm highly rewards elevated viewing time and retention. So all you have to do now is produce something that will keep your visitors interested and returning for more.

Note: YouTube has changed its analytics from Creator Studio to YouTube Studio. It is significantly more straightforward and user-friendly than the previous version.

Content creators have to cross their fingers every time they publish a new video. People who share your video demonstrate their confidence in and support your channel. Your audience’s likes and dislikes might assist you in figuring out which video themes they like.

Comments, shares, preferences, and dislikes can supply marketers with a wealth of qualitative information. However, we all know that specific indicators disclose more information than others.

Some content creators may be excessively concerned with analytics, tracking far too many, and often get overwhelmed. It would be best if you keep reminding yourself that every YouTube channel that has been popular took dedication and perseverance.

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Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

To put it, Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video? It’s an unequivocal No!

You get a lot of comments and likes on your YouTube videos, and you’re left wondering who these folks are. Sadly, to keep people safe, YouTube bans posting the like and dislike information.

YouTube’s technology is unconcerned with the person’s identity who liked your remarks. It does track the number of people who have previously and now appreciated your material.

Such numbers get stored as the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube videos. So, even when there are many dislikes on your channel, YouTube may not penalize your channel if you still get a lot of watch time and engagement.

But it does mean that it’s more likely that users who don’t like your video won’t recommend your Content to them in the future.

So, YouTube will only give owners the total number of likes and dislikes on their videos. So, it is essential for users to provide creators honest feedback to express themselves without any pressure to consider creators their friends or anyone they know.

And in the same way, content creators need to take into account the feelings of their audience by keeping the boundaries constrained.

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How To Access YouTube Studio

Now, Suppose you want to target the right audience. In that case, you’ll need to open your YouTube Studio to see if the proper individuals are watching your exciting videos. Follow the below steps

  • To use YouTube Studio, you must first log in
  • Select Content from the left menu
  • Finally, select Analytics from the drop-down menu next to your video. The channel dashboard also displays your latest video performance. Please click on a video to watch it.

Bottom Line

So, it’s acceptable that YouTube doesn’t display or keep such information, and it’s even hidden from the user. It’s preferable if you don’t waste time figuring out who liked or hated your YouTube video comments. However, other methods for receiving email alerts whenever anyone subscribes to your YouTube channel may be helpful.


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