When you’re a gamer or streamer, learning a few techniques is very intriguing. You’ve probably seen YouTubers who use a microphone to play music and then use audio effects to enhance their discussions. This method has become quite popular all around the world. You might be wondering How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10?  

If you wish to, you can play music via your mic without any significant difficulties. It makes no difference if your system’s microphone is an earphone, a headphone, or a professional microphone. You may still use your mic to play music.

Music may get played through the mic in a variety of ways. On the default Windows 10 setup, this is not feasible. Instead, you may accomplish that by changing a few settings.

How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10?

You’re incorrect if you believe that playing music or audio effects through your microphone is impossible without obtaining an audio mix. Many previously unthinkable feats have got accomplished thanks to technological advancements.

So, How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10? 

To play music through the mic, you need to tweak a few things in your Windows 10, and you might also need a third-party app. Remember that you’ll need a good microphone. Take a look at the possibilities listed below.

Tweaking Window 10 Settings – Stereo Mix

Suppose you’re conversing with someone on social media and wanted to play amusing or caustic music in the background. You may use several applications to play music over the microphone. The good news is, If you’re running Windows 10, you won’t need to download any additional software.

It allows you to communicate in audio and utilize the microphone at the same time. It’s simple! If you want to do so, you’ll have to change the setting. By altering the default microphone option, you may listen to music through your microphone.

These are the methods for using the microphone to play music in Windows 10.

Make some adjustments to your computer’s “Sound” first.

  • By clicking the window icon in the bottom left corner, open the Windows search box and type “Manage audio devices.” A new window with settings will appear.
  • Toggle to the “Recording” tab and disable your computer’s default microphone device. Right-click the microphone and select “Disable” to turn it off.
  • Then, Right-click “Stereo Mix” and select “Enable” to turn it on.
  • Finally, Right-click it and choose the default microphone option.

You can now use it on other voice programs and for streaming or playing music to people online once you’ve set it as your primary device.

Discord Settings

To complete the whole process of How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10? in an app like Discord, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Discord and open user settings by clicking the “gear button” in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • On the top screen, change the “Input Device” to Stereo Mix and choose “Voice & Video” from the side menu.
  • Make sure the checkbox for “Voice Activity” is selected rather than “Push to Talk” under “Input Mode.” Users in a Discord channel can hear noises played over the mic using the former.
  • You may now use your microphone to play music.

Bonus Tip: MedalBot and Rhythm are two examples of valuable bots that play music based on their commands. 

ThirdParty Sound Mixer Software – Using Different Software to Play Audio From a Microphone

The broadcasters use expensive audio mixers to create funny sound effects while gaming. Apart from purchasing a hardware sound mixer, the cheapest and most straightforward option is to use different softwares.

There is a variety of tools available to help you create sounds for high-quality broadcasts. Here are a few of the available softwares.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer allows you to change your voice. Any program that employs a microphone or other audio capture device will get impacted once installed on your machine.

Your voice will get changed and played back straight from your computer. This software is compatible with Windows, MacOS X, and Linux Ubuntu and may get used on Steam, Discord, and Teamspeak. You may also listen to music from YouTube in the background.


One such program is ‘VoiceMeeter,’ which allows you to play music or audio over your microphone. It is pretty popular since it is freeware with a lot of valuable features. Also, it is user-friendly and has various capabilities that allow the user to modify or record any audio input. It will enable you to play music without using shortcut keys or instructions.

  • Enable VoiceMeeter input by select the mic you wish to play music
  • Enable VoiceMeeter output by choosing from the list of speakers.
  • Set the input of VoiceMeeter as the output of the app you want to play music from the mic from App volume device preferences in Sound settings


Soundpad is a simple-to-use program that can play music through your microphone. It comes highly recommended by most users.

  • You may create a playlist for easy voice access and then program-specific hotkeys to play music via the mic when you hit specific hotkeys.
  • It may be used in conjunction with VoiceMeeter by activating VoiceMeeter output and input, as well as making VoiceMeeter’s input Soundboard’s output.
  • Holding the Ctrl and Enter buttons together allows you to choose any sound effects and noises from the app’s library.

Bottom Line

You may also stream the music you’re listening to other people if you follow the outlined procedures.

If you prefer paid software over free, you may choose between Soundpad and MorphVox Pro. However, several others are accessible on the internet that offers more features than merely allowing you to play music through a microphone.



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