How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8 – Tips & Tricks

How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8

If you are unsure about How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8 and whether it is possible to change the message color on the Galaxy S8, we will be clearing all the doubts in this article.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone got released in April 2017. It has since become a popular option among consumers because of its durability and revolutionary infinity display. However, if you’ve been using your Samsung Galaxy S8 for a while, 

you may have grown tired of the messaging apps having the same visual theme, colors, and font. Although the default color of messages on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is attractive, you may alter it for various reasons.

It either provides you with a pleasant experience when texting or requires it since it may be ideal for individuals with a vision impairment. No matter how you go through your Android phone’s settings, you can’t seem to discover a way to modify the color of the SMS bubbles. 

Continue reading; we’ll show you how to alter them directly in your smartphone’s settings, as well as how to accomplish it using a particular app.

Science of Colors – Android

The Psychology of Images in Your Content examines how your choice of colors and images may convey your brand’s impact to your readers or viewers. Half of the human brain gets dedicated to visual processing; people get visually oriented.

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Furthermore, people with some visual loss may have trouble distinguishing changes in contrast color at times. In light of the preceding, we can state that color and font style is significant components for anybody.

Fortunately, the Android operating system is simple to use and comprehend, and it provides several font and color customization options. The design of the Galaxy S8 is well-known, and it features a friendly and appealing user interface.

Users have a lot of flexibility with the firm. We have a lot of alternatives on the Galaxy S8 to solve the question of How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8. However, altering font and theme settings might be challenging at times.

However, after reading the suggestions below, you’ll be able to take swift action to attain your goal.

How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8?

You should be aware that customizing your Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the features that has substantially improved with the Android operating system’s releases.

This modification may or may not be available, depending on the program. So, to appreciate enhanced hues, we’ll look at many approaches for How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8.

How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8 From Settings

  • Open the Message app on your Samsung Galaxy S8 after turning it on.
  • At the upper right of the screen, tap the three dots menu and select setting from the context menu.
  • Go to the chat setting or tap the Viewing tab to see the ability to alter the text bubble color.

Note: If you can’t see these options, it’s because your Android version isn’t the proper one for you, or your software overlay doesn’t allow you to see them.

How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8 From Theme

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to bring up the applications.
  • Now go to the Wallpaper and Themes area of the Settings app by tapping it.
  • Choose a theme from the collection that you prefer and apply it to modify the colors of the text message bubble.

Note: You won’t be able to change the text bubble colour yourself, but it will come in various colors based on the theme you’ve chosen.

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How To Change Message Color On Galaxy S8 From Third-Party Apps

You may also use third-party apps which allow you to personalize the bubble design and color.

  • Textra: Textra SMS is an application that allows you to change your SMS messages’ background color or theme. It has a slew of useful features, including 180+ material design themes, as well as bubble and app icon colors. All Textra features are available for free indefinitely. You’ll see advertising now and then, or you may pay a one-time-only in-app purchase to remove them forever.
  • Handcrest: It’s an SMS messaging app with many free features that let you customize your messages. Furthermore, it is the most outstanding Android text messaging software to replace your standard SMS text messenger program. It’s quick and steady and can receive all types of MMS messages. If you also have an offer, Only your unique passcode can open this fully encrypted text message box.

Changing the Background

It’s nearly impossible to alter the background color of text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the newest upgrades. On Android, you won’t configure this feature in the default Message app. You will, however, be able to do so by changing your phone’s central theme.

Changing the Fonts

You can go to settings and pick font size and style if you want to modify your phone’s font size and style. There will be various options available to you and the ability to download more fonts. On Google Play, there are a variety of applications that provide alternative font styles.

Bottom Line

Whenever you want to change the appearance of your phone, changing the style of your SMS can give you a whole different vibe. You may utilize third-party apps if you want to accomplish it quickly because these Apps got explicitly designed to alter designs and features, so feature customizations will make your phone stand out. We hope this article has provided you with sufficient information to help you start with customizations.


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