We’ll show you how to transfer YouTube downloaded videos to gallery in this guide. So you could view them without even an internet service if you don’t have one at the moment.

YouTube is among the most popular programs on the planet; it is simple to use and offers videos on practically every element of human existence. YouTube is a platform where people can stream music, view videos and documentaries, and so forth.

It’s nice to watch clips, and what if we want to save them for the future? Everybody wishes to save a video to their device’s gallery. However, if you download a video on YouTube, it will only display in the YouTube application’s library. It’s not in your device’s gallery. 

YouTube does not currently have any options that enable you to save offline content to your device’s gallery. Keep reading to learn how to transfer YouTube offline clips to your gallery.

Why People Download YouTube Videos?

Suppose you like to keep your preferred YouTube clips for offline viewing. In that case, you should download them directly or transfer them to your device’s gallery. If you’ve stored any films that you’ll need at any moment but don’t have a connection to the internet, you won’t have to spend time looking for them anyway.

Scroll into your device’s gallery and see which one you downloaded the last time you got hooked up to the internet.

Note: The most admirable aspect of saving films in a device gallery would be that the quality will be higher than what you observe online. It occurs as a result of the compressing method utilized by browsers.

Let us show you how to transfer YouTube downloaded videos to gallery. So you could enjoy it anytime you like, without needing internet access.


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How To Transfer Youtube Downloaded Videos To Gallery – 4 Best Methods

Follow these instructions for how to transfer YouTube downloaded videos to gallery


It is a media downloader from several websites, and it also downloads audio and MP3 content from YouTube and other social platforms. It offers video downloads in all popular formats, and you can download hundreds of videos from YouTube and other sources regularly.

  • Launch YouTube on your smartphone, look for the video you like to download, then save it to your galleries.
  • Once you’ve located the clip, tap on it, and it begins to play. There are various choices available, including like, download and share.
  • In addition to the share icons, there is a copy link symbol.
  • Open Browser and go to the y2mate website.
  • Insert the copied YouTube URL into the search field. It examines the URL and offers several video quality and the Choice to download.
  • Select the video resolution and then click the “Download” button.

Ins Tube

Ins Tube is among the most excellent free applications for downloading YouTube videos and saving them to the phone’s gallery. It can also get used to downloading the clip from different websites.

  • Download the Ins Tube application for your smartphone from the Ins Tube site.
  • Run the Ins Tube application and look for the YouTube symbol.
  • Select the YouTube symbol. YouTube will be accessible inside the application.
  • When the video begins to play, search for it and hit the red download icon on the lower side of the display.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the quality of the video you want.
  • Then, hit the quick download icon to begin downloading the video.


  • Launch the YouTube application on your Mobile device.
  • When you’ve found the video you’re looking for, click on it. Then it begins to play.
  • Numerous alternatives are available, such as like, download, and share.
  • Select the share option. On display, you see many stock logos. In addition to the share logos, there is a copy link symbol.
  • The URL to the specified video gets copied when you tap on the copy link symbol.
  • Access the save from using any browser.
  • Then, put the URL of your preferred clip that you got from YouTube in that search field.
  • After putting the URL into the search field, the URL will get checked, and the video you want will get presented on that page
  • Lastly, choose the video resolution from the list and hit the download option.
  • Rather than YouTube downloads, your preferred clip will get stored in your smartphone gallery after a few moments.


  • It is among the most trusted tools for downloading YouTube videos. Every video will be saved in your device’s gallery so that you can watch it later without needing to access the internet. It is an internet software that you may integrate into your main screen if necessary.
  • Open YouTube and find the clip you like to have on your gallery. When you discover it, tap on it as well, and it begins to play. You will see numerous choices on the screen, one of which is “Share.”
  • From the shown menu, choose the “Copy link” button.
  • Open the Keepvid web page in Browser, insert it into the search field, then click the “Go” button. If you wish to save the Keepvid to your smartphone, go to the top left and click “Add to Main Screen.”

 Keepvid assesses the film and presents several quality and export format options. Choose your chosen output quality and then click on the download button. It begins to download and save to your phone’s gallery.

Bottom Line

After viewing this post, you should have a good idea of how simple it is to transfer YouTube videos to your device’s gallery. In addition, you can download your selected Video clip into the smartphone gallery in a matter of minutes.

Save from site is the most fantastic website for downloading videos and saving them to your phone’s gallery because it does not need installation on your Mobile phone. The other applications must install on your smartphone before downloading a video and storing it in your device’s gallery.



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