So How To Unlock Laptop Mouse? There are different methods and ways that could get used for unlocking the laptop mouse, and we’re going to find out about it here in this article.

Unlocking a laptop mouse is merely dependent on the type of laptop you have and whether you have the current mouse drivers loaded or not. Nowadays, a computer offers different options for turning off its built-in mousepad. 

But it has long been possible to turn off the touchpad on laptops to not get in the way of typing, playing games, or other things. If your laptop mouse gets locked out of nowhere, maybe you did it by mistake. 

Why Unlock Laptop Mouse?

If you use a laptop, PC, or even a TV, a mouse can come in handy & save a lot of your time. Not only does it help you move things around freely, but this tiny input device makes it easier for you to be more productive than just using a trackpad.

Even video game consoles can use mice, which makes gaming more realistic. But if it freezes suddenly during work, it can add a lot of hassle instead of reducing it. For this reason, one must know How To Unlock Laptop Mouse to rescue themselves in such a scenario.

How To Unlock Laptop Mouse – Easiest Fixes

Some common ways can be helpful to fix the frozen mouse on the laptop. Quite a chance that using the function keys or updating device drivers helps resolve the issue.

Try Functions Keys

Using the functions keys come in handy for dealing with various problems related to the input peripherals. Sometimes the mouse won’t move because you accidentally hit the function keys and turn off the mouse/trackpad.

Hold down the FN key on the keyboard and press the touchpad key to sort out the issue. To check if the laptop mouse isn’t frozen, move your mouse. Usually, it works, but sometimes if it is not related to the function keys, it won’t solve your issue & you’ve to try another one.

Updating Device Drivers

Using the wrong or outdated mouse drivers could also make your laptop’s mouse freeze. So you should try updating your mouse driver to see if it helps. If you don’t have the skills to update the driver yourself, you can also use any well-known third-party tool that will do the job for you.

The tool will capture necessary computer hardware manufacturer information and find the correct drivers. If the obsolete drivers cause the problem, trying this fix will save you from further stress & you can carry on with your work if the problem resolves.

If any of the above fixes didn’t help fix the issue, don’t worry. Please keep reading on as in subsequent paragraphs, we’re going to explain another method of How To Unlock Laptop Mouse in much more detail.

How to Restore A Frozen Laptop Mouse?

The restoration of a frozen laptop mouse requires to do apply specific techniques that are easy but important to implement. The methods explained below will help you find the answer to How To Unlock A Laptop Mouse.

  • It’s usually a good idea to restart your computer when you have a problem related to the mouse. Is it easy to do this when the computer doesn’t work? A hard start is one way to shut down a computer that has become stuck.


  • If the pointer doesn’t move when you power ON your computer, there may be a problem with some recently installed programs. Restart the computer in safe mode and remove any applications you’ve recently added.

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  • Double-tapping the touchpad on some laptops, like HP Notebooks, is one way to turn on or off the touchpad. Accidentally double-tapping the touchpad can turn it off, and Double-tap it again to turn it back on.


  • Physical cleaning of your laptop can often solve problems with the touchpad of your computer caused by dust and other small things that get stuck there. Try to do periodic cleaning of a laptop to avoid abnormal behavior of cursor.


  • Make sure that the mousepad gets not turned off in Settings. The trackpad won’t work at all in this case & you have to access the Settings either by using a keyboard, or you have to find & connect an external mouse to reach there. The trackpad can get turned off if you mistakenly hit a keyboard shortcut provided by each laptop maker.


  • As the last resort, you can check whether a pointing device is enabled or not. To do so, open Device Manager from Control Panel, locate ‘Mice & Other Pointing Devices’ in the list, tap on the drop-down arrow & check all devices in the list one by one. If you find one ‘Disable,’ enable it & scan for hardware changes.

Hopefully, you have found a technique that best fits your situation until now. Please don’t skip any step as it could cause you to start over, wasting your time ultimately.

How To Unlock Laptop Mouse – Final words

Usually, getting an extra mouse is the answer to a question of such a kind. However, one should know the different techniques that could have got used for resolving the cursor freezing issue. Increasing updates on Windows OS means the chances of having bugs in them are also more significant than before.

So make sure to update your device drivers frequently to tackle the shortcomings in the easiest possible way. Moreover, you can create a shortcut for your convenience to switch ON/OFF mousepad by using a key that is far from your daily usage keystrokes. By doing so, you can evade the chance of switching your trackpad OFF out of the blue.

After reading this article, we wish that you’ve got acknowledged a way to free up the mouse on a laptop. There isn’t any rocket technological know-how in fixing this problem. Because all you’ll do is undergo a few everyday home windows settings, and you may be capable of addressing the issue.


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