Does Furbo have Night Vision? Unveiling the Night Vision Magic!

does furbo have night vision

It is equally important to watch your pet’s activities during the day and night, especially when you are not at home. Therefore, today, we aim to discuss Furbo Night Vision, which helps you keep an eye on your pet even at night. This feature can be a plus point for you in choosing Furbo as your pet-caring partner. Thus, join this discussion and get enough knowledge regarding Furbo Night Vision, how to set it up, and troubleshooting when this feature does not work. 

Does Furbo have Night Vision?

Yes, Furbo has Night Vision. This feature employs infrared (IR) LEDs to capture clear video footage in low-light or completely dark environments.

These infrared lights are not visible to the human eye, but the camera can detect them, allowing for effective Night Vision. Most importantly, it will not disturb or distract your pet. 

Furbo’s Night Vision capability ensures that you can keep an eye on your pet 24/7, even in conditions where natural or ambient light is limited.

This is particularly useful for monitoring your pet’s activities, behavior, and well-being during nighttime hours.

You have the flexibility to adjust the Night Vision settings conveniently through the Furbo app.

The latest Furbo model, the Furbo 360°, boasts automatic infrared LED Night Vision, which adapts seamlessly to low-light conditions or nighttime scenarios.

Furthermore, the Furbo 360° introduces an enhanced color Night Vision feature, ensuring clear visibility of your dog during both day and night, even in situations with limited ambient light.

Furbo’s commitment to providing a comprehensive pet monitoring experience includes not only Night Vision but also other features like two-way audio communication, treat tossing and barking alerts, making it a versatile and interactive tool for pet owners.

How Do you Set Up Furbo Night Vision?

In order to set up Furbo Night Vision on the app, you should go to the menu and enable the “Color Night Vision” option. 

When the Night Vision mode is activated, you will notice that the LED located next to the lens illuminates in a red/pink color.

Here is the complete procedure. 

  1. To adjust your Furbo settings, navigate to the home screen of your Furbo app and tap the “MENU” button () at the bottom right.
  2. Then, select the specific Furbo device you want to modify.
  3. Finally, choose “Color Night Vision” and set your preference to either Auto-detection, Always in black and white, or Always in color. Here is a brief guide to choosing a specific mode. 
  • Auto-Detection: Night Vision will automatically activate in low-light conditions.
  • Always in black and white: Night Vision remains on continuously, regardless of lighting.
  • Always in color: Night Vision stays black and white but triggers Color Night Vision automatically in certain conditions.

Remember that Color Night Vision provides an improved image quality in low-light environments.

How to Fix Furbo Night Vision Not Working

How to Fix Furbo Night Vision Not Working?

If your Furbo Night Vision is not functioning, there are several troubleshooting measures you can undertake. Let us explain them one by one. 

  1. Power cycle your Furbo: Disconnect your Furbo, wait approximately 2 minutes, and then reconnect it. This may resolve any temporary issues causing the problem.
  2. Verify the Night Vision setting: Access your Furbo app, navigate to the menu page, and choose the camera displaying discolored video footage. In the camera settings section, select the Night Vision setting and adjust it to ON, OFF, or AUTO.
  3. Check Wi-Fi connectivity: Reconnect your Furbo device to your Wi-Fi network. If you use 4G/LTE on your smartphone, consider switching to Wi-Fi or vice versa and attempt reconnection.
  4. Reset your Furbo: If the above attempts were unsuccessful, attempt resetting your device. Press the reset button on the back of the device using a paper clip. Then, check whether the Furbo light turns green. 
  5. Examine your internet connection: Ensure your smart device maintains a stable and fast internet connection. Furbo recommends a constant 2mbps download and upload speed for optimal functionality.

If none of these steps resolves the issue, it’s advisable to contact Furbo’s customer support for further assistance. Go to the menu on your Furbo app and tap on the “Help” button to chat with Furbo customer care agents. 

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