This article will explain what you have to conduct when giving possession of your SimpliSafe to somebody else and how to reset SimpliSafe base station.

SimpliSafe provides a wide range of security devices and services that are extensively utilized, especially in household and modest corporate settings. Video surveillance and burglar alarms that warn the homeowner of a break-in are examples of such technology.

SimpliSafe should be linked to the network to work and communicate with the central server. It is conceivable that the connectivity will drop out or turn unreliable. If your SimpliSafe monitoring system isn’t working correctly, you might have to reboot the ground station. The procedure is simple and requires less than 5 mins to complete. 

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SimpliSafe is a well-known brand when it comes to surveillance cameras. The purpose of these devices is to offer around-the-clock protection, yet, it is relatively unusual for a resetting or battery change to be required for these devices to function as intended. Let’s look at how to reset SimpliSafe base station.

How To Reset SimpliSafe Base Station?

SimpliSafe, like other surveillance equipment, needs Internet connectivity to function effectively. It is not unusual for the connectivity to go down at times. You might require resetting your ground station to restore your surveillance system whenever this happens. Here is how to reset SimpliSafe base station.

  • First, disconnect your ground station from the power source.
  • Then, utilizing a driver, detach the battery case at the equipment’s bottom.
  • Now, disconnect the battery and wait 15 to 20 seconds before replacing it.
  • Then, reinstall the equipment’s casing.
  • Now, reconnect the gadget and allow a few mins for new connectivity to appear.
  • Finally, launch your device and run tests to ensure that it is operational.

If your device does not connect, it is possible that the battery in the ground station has to get replaced. Call the helpline and schedule a replacement battery request to change the battery. You might damage the computer if you utilize a standard alkali battery.


SimpliSafe detectors will not function properly if the battery is deficient. If they are currently in the packaging from your purchase, the gadget is distant from the ground station.

There are many approaches to resolve the issue based on the equipment model you are operating, including the Generation 3 SimpliSafe and the classic device launched in 2017 and preceding years. Both systems may get repaired similarly. Suppose the ground station of a SimpliSafe Network cannot link to the detectors. In that scenario, you must look at the following:

  • The detectors are too distant from the ground station;
  • The sensors didn’t get adequately configured;
  • The battery is nearly empty.

Here’s how to solve these problems:

  • Place the sensors near the foundation station.
  • Re-program the ground unit to incorporate the sensors.
  • Finally, change the batteries.

Base station lights

The SimpliSafe ground unit displays the condition of the device via colorful LED led lighting:

  • The color red indicates a minor fault or a current alert.
  • Blue indicates that the device gets activated.
  • Also, amber signifies that a firmware upgrade is in progress. White denotes test options, configuration modifications, and setup.

Utilizing the options on the SimpliSafe Touchscreen, you may join and leave testing status. While in testing mode, the device would not notify dispatch. You can use the testing option to ensure that your detectors and connectivity to the tracking center are operational.

SimpliSafe also includes a practicing option that prevents professional surveillance for three days after activating your device initially. It allows you to become acquainted with the device while avoiding false warnings.

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Transferring device

Unless you’re the individual saying goodbye to the SimpliSafe equipment, there isn’t much you can do.

  • Contact SimpliSafe to deactivate the SimpliSafe Ground Unit from your profile.
  • Modify the SimpliSafe Surveillance device Master PIN through the keyboard, digitally, or by contacting SimpliSafe.

Further, the new buyer must set up a SimpliSafe login and add the ground unit to it. All of it may be handled digitally or by phone with SimpliSafe.

Removing the Base Station

The SimpliSafe ground unit gets referred to as the “brains” of the system and is in charge of the entire system. It communicates with the surveillance service via built-in mobile connectivity and Wi-FiWi-Fi.

If several other types of equipment, including the keypad, proximity detector, webcams, window breaking detectors, and so on, link to the Ground Unit. It’s OK to leave the item attached; it’ll help the future owner. Moreover, keeping the gadgets plugged in would not reveal any of your confidential details.

Note: Every SimpliSafe Ground Unit has a unique serial code that could only be associated with one person. If you relocate and do not deactivate the unit, the new owners will be unable to add it to their profile. If you have surveillance turned on, you must discontinue these services. You can accomplish everything with a single cellphone call.

The phone call would begin with a computerized menu. Choose Option 4 to reach to a customer service representative. The SimpliSafe agent will request the necessary details and also your Safe Phrase. Before you call, prepare your security phrase. They can’t implement alterations to your profile unless you give them your security phrase.

SimpliSafe PIN

The PIN code gets saved in the storage of the SimpliSafe station. It would remain on the gadget even after deleting it from your profile. Consequently, you must alter the Master code and update or remove the existing PIN digits if you pass possession.

In addition, ensure that the updated Master PIN gets left for the future holder. They’ll require it to go into the options and deactivate the equipment.

Bottom line

So, now that we’ve gone over all of the choices for device reboot and non-responsive detectors for the SimpliSafe products. You could go about your day ensuring that your SimpliSafe equipment is performing to the maximum of its potential.


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