So, you’re probably wondering How To Have A Public Profile On Snapchat? The Snapchat app has evolved well beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Snapchat’s public Profile is a feature that lets users connect with an audience by creating original and quality content.

Many content creators use Snapchat as their priority networking site to publish their stuff and develop a reputation. Also, by creating a public Snapchat profile, you may connect with individuals other than your personal friends. Therefore, creating a public profile on the platform is popular among the new features. 

Continue reading the article; we’ll show you how to set up this Profile separate from your one. We will also discuss the eligibility for creating a public profile.

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What Is A Snapchat Public Profile?

Considering you’re a regular Snapchat fan who tries to promote your content inside the boundaries of this social media platform a little further. You can create Create a Snapchat Public profile by following the steps in this article.

Authors may use the Public Profile function to publish their work while enabling everyone to view it. Images, tales, videos, and other types of media get included. Updates will get sent to your account’s subscribers. You may also display the subscriber base to see how many people have subscribed to your feed.

Eligibility To Have A Snapchat Public Profile

In general, every account ought to make a public profile; nevertheless, the Create Public Profile feature does not display on someone’s profile page. In that case, the account is most likely ineligible now.

When Snapchat originally introduced public accounts, only verified producers could create them. As testing with this first group came to an end, the app has made public profiles available to all Snapchat users after they’ve met a few criteria:

  • To start using Snapchat and register your Profile, Users should be at least 18 years old 
  • Your account must have been active for at least 24 hours.
  • At least one individual must acknowledge your friend request.
  • It would be best if you abode by the community’s rules.

In addition, failing to adhere to the Community Guidelines may render an account unsuitable for a Snapchat Public Profile. Snapchat, in general, forbids

  • The material seems explicit.
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Threats, violence, and bodily harm
  • Fraud, deceit, impersonation, and disseminating misleading information 
  • Any unlawful material.
  • Speech expressing hatred.

If someone follows these guidelines, How to Have A Public Profile On Snapchat is as simple as making any other profile on the platform.

Advantages Of Having Snapchat’s Public Profile

On Snapchat, there are many types of public profiles, mainly used to distinguish between different levels of producers. Following are the perks of having a public profile:

  • Exposure to new Snap Map and Public Stories material
  • Highlights section with a subscription button for your followers
  • Your name will get shown on all public Snaps.
  • Your Lenses will be made public as well 
  • You will have Powerful Public Insights about your followers, and it will include insights like where they have been from and what they are looking for in your Profile.

Now that we’ve learned about a Snapchat public profile and its perks let’s move on to acquiring a Snapchat public profile.

How To Have a Public Profile On Snapchat? – Current Account

  • Tap the profile symbol on the top left side after opening the Snapchat app.
  • Select the Gear symbol in the upper right corner of the phone’s screen and scroll down to the option labeled ‘Who can…’
  • Now, if you make the following changes to the ‘Who can.’ menu, it will help:
    • Set Contact Me to Everyone
    • Set Send Me Notifications to Everyone
    • Set who can View My Story to Everyone
    • Set Who can See My Location to My Friends
    • Set Use My Cameos Selfie option to Everyone
    • Now, for the See me in Quick Add option, you can turn it on

After performing the changes mentioned above, close the Snapchat app, and reopen it. You have now made your Profile public, and anybody can see you all in ideas and contact you. You can also use the Preview button to see how it will seem to other people.

How To Have a Public Profile on Snapchat? – Creating

  • Launch the Snapchat app and navigate to your profile symbol.
  • Depending on the app version, adding to Snap Map would be available under Stories or even the Spotlight & Snap Map section.
  • After clicking the three-dot symbol next to this option, select Create Public Profile.
  • Snapchat will now guide you through all the extra features of a Priority Public Profile.
  • To proceed to the next stage, tap Continue at the bottom center of your screen.
  • Later, towards the bottom, select ‘Get Started.’
  • It offers a warning against making a Public Profile for the final time. To go to the following stage, click ‘Create.’

That’s how you can easily create Snapchat Public Profile.

Going Public vs Public Profile On Snapchat

Going Public requires updating the privacy settings on your current Snapchat profile. Public enables your contacts and groups to access them publicly. To access your account, they will, of course, have to know your username.

Public Profile indicates that new people will be able to find you. Your account will not be restricted based on your contacts with your friends or your geographical area. Your Profile is not accessible to all people interested in your content.

Final Thought

So, Snapchat appears to have recognized the necessity of offering such venues to emerging artists. The new ‘Public Profile’ function seems to spin the same. After you’ve finalized your Profile, you may start experimenting with additional stories, photos, and other features.


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