Can You Track A Nintendo Switch? Comprehensive Guide

Can You Track a Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo switch is a big ticket that could make a game lover over the moon. You may be very cautious, but what if your beloved console disappeared all at once when you were out and only realized it after arriving home? Can you track a nintendo switch is the next probable question you will be searching for.

Since it was introduced in 2017, 91 million items have been purchased by fans all over the world. The library, which contains a collection of famous games from the manufacturer and other companies, makes a nintendo unique in the field. The console is included with “switch” as a part of its name because there are three ways in which the handling could be switched to.

These are TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld way. In TV mode, the panel controlling the game is removed from the console, and the game is transformed into your television, and you can view it on your TV. In tabletop mode, you can keep the screen stand on the table and remove the controllers and play. Handheld is the usual way we play.

Can you Track A Nintendo Switch?

The latest Nintendo will cost you nearly $350. There is also a second-hand market that appeared in Nintendo consoles for lower prices. But if you are buying from a different site, you must be careful that they might be a scam, a duplicate copy or a stolen Nintendo that has been sold again. 

Can you track a nintendo switch is the first thing that every owner is hurry to try on searching in an incident in which they have lost their beloved gaming partner. But the answer may be a little disappointing because there is no device inside a nintendo switch that makes it track and find the location. 

What Can You Do If You Lose Your Nintendo Switch?

If you lost a smartphone, you could track it by the GPS receiver installed inside. You would have easily found the location and the movement of your phone. Such a system makes you find its location by prior-installed devices or nodes inside the particular equipment. But is that present in a nintendo switch?

There is a slight probability of finding the lost device if you have the serial number of the console with you. You can call the hotline of nintendo and make an inquiry stating the stealing or the loss. The company presents data to track the item, and they could probably find it.

You must keep your serial number in permanent memory as it is the key to finding your nintendo gaming console if you lose it. The headquarters connects to each device via the serial number, and they track your logins, detect the placed location and save the details along with the IP address. This recording system will be your lifesaver if you are lucky enough to get it back!

You will have to give information that they ask on the purchased place and your account details.

If the given information is accurate, the device will be detected with the IP address at the very first second in which the device connects to the internet from anywhere. You will be informed of the location. 

Where Can I Find the Serial Number of My Nintendo Switch?

Look near the USB C-port, and you will simply find it. 

You also can find it on the system of the switch. For that, first select system settings from the home menu. Choose system and then on click on serial information. Then you will be displayed with the serial number. 

If you forgot to note down the serial number before missing it, then check the packaging in which it was packed. In that box, the serial number will be printed with machine details.

If you cannot find the serial number with any of these methods, make sure to ring the store you bought it. In most cases, they must have a record of the sold items. 

Things to Do When Your Nintendo Switch Is Stolen or Lost

Besides finding the serial number, you will have to take precautions for the safety of your bank accounts, credit, or debit card. Log into your account and delete all the payment details, your address and your location. If you find it difficult to perform this action on your own, do not hesitate to call the customer service hotline and ask them to delete the details.

Deactivating your nintendo account is also compulsory. Go to the shop and select deregister primary console. Then you will have to enter your password and click on OK. Finally, click on deregister and complete the process. Deleting the account option is available once every year only. 

How to Distinguish Between An Original Nintendo Switch And A Stolen Switch?

Due to the high demand, some people stole switches to sell in the second-hand market. Therefore, it is important to check whether it is original or not before purchasing. The serial number is the guide you have here. 

Dial the hotline of nintendo and give them the serial number that you are going to buy and ask for clarification. Nintendo will inform you if it is under the stolen category of them.

You can also compare the serial number in the packaging and the device in itself. If they are different, you need to clarify it with the customer care of Nintendo. If it is confirmed as a stolen switch, then you must call the police for further investigations. We thoroughly suggest avoiding doing it on your own as the situation will be risky.

Can You Lock a Stolen Nintendo Switch?

When your nintendo switch is stolen, you must contact the nintendo ASAP. Then you can request to blacklist the device. Blacklisting will prevent the new user from downloading the updates and using the e-shop.


Tracking the nintendo switch could be done only from the nintendo headquarters. For that, you must have the serial number. We have discussed the ways to find your serial number and the precautions you can take to avoid the used nintendo device in this article.

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